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Looking Ahead - Magazine Cover

Elements of a Magazine Cover
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The ingredients             Use on front cover
Masthead (logo)       The name of the magazine displayed in a specific typeface. This is the visual branding of the title and is often done in a specially designed typeface to be very recognizable and unique. The masthead is usually used on the contents page inside as well as the front cover, and as a logo for advertising and branding purposes
Dateline       Month and year of publication, often with the price. Note that a monthly magazine usually hits the newsstands the month before the cover date
Main image       The front cover features a single image. The image is used in a classic way, it is big enough to stand out on the newsstand.
Main cover line       This is very large - taking up almost a quarter of the magazine cover. 
Cover Lines       Cover lines are distributed around the main image without detracting from it too much. A mistake often made with cover lines is that they run over an image that has a lot of color changes, rendering the words invisible.
Left third       The left third of the magazine cover is vital for sales in shops where the magazine is not shown full-frontage. The title must be easily recognizable in a display of dozens of competitors. The start of the masthead is important here, as are short cover lines that are easy to read Bar code Standard bar code used by retailers.
Selling line       Short, sharp description of the title's main marketing point or perhaps setting out its editorial philosophy

Student will create a realistic magazine cover using:
*            individual Black & White or Color photograph
*            graphic design layout principles
*            typography styles
*            color & visual image psychology

The magazine cover will contain the following:
*            The magazine cover design will be an imagined periodical and be appropriate for the classroom, you create the Title and theme.
*            Identify yourself on the magazine cover by first and last name in a story title or photo of yourself.
*            Make up the title, story subtitles and any other identifying features (price, volume, barcode, date)

STEP 1. Magazine Cover Dummy by hand
Select a magazine title and individual photo of yourself and draw a "Dummy" or blue-print plan on an 8.5 X 11 inch plain white paper. Refer to the references above for selecting your layout format, type style, and color application. Use colored pencils or markers to color in your magazine dummy. Turn in your magazine dummy to Ms. J. for approval.

STEP 2. Images
You have to be the photographer or the images you use except for images of yourself

STEP 3. Photoshop Design
Using the Adobe Photoshop software create and print your magazine cover:
*            Open Adobe Photoshop. Under the File Menu click on "New." Create an 8.5 X 11 inch canvas at 100 dpi resolution. Fill the canvas with background color of your appropriate choice.
*            Open your image. Make any adjustments: Levels, Size, Erasing, etc. Use the move tool to place your photos on the cover or Select (Apple key-A) Copy (Apple key-C) and Paste (Apple key-V) your image onto the magazine cover background (you won’t be able to move it around with this option).
*            Think of borders vs. no borders, add bar code, price, date, etc.
*            Select the "T" in the toolbox and type in your titles and teasers. To move the text, select the arrow in the top right box of the toolbox.
*            Be prepared to identify the Type style, type category and your reasoning for the choices you made (I liked it or it was just what I was looking for won’t work here)
*            Be aware of spacing.  Flush right or flush left, not both.  Centering of article titles is rarely used.

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