Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Your Creative License

Most people have a driver’s license allowing us to drive.  Think of all the permits a person has to get in order to have permission to do something specific.  Can you name at least five?
We’re going to make a Creative License.  This is a permit for you to be creative in a variety of fields.  You can make it specific to fit a skill you may or may not have, keep it artistic, sports related, musical, Do an image search for license card to see examples of different state license cards.  What are you going to use to make it look authentic and official?

Things it may/should include:
Your photo
Title *Creative License
*Official looking seal
*Signature (Scan in a signature to give it authenticity)
            Number of your permit
            Bar code
            Hair color, Sex, Eyes, Height, weight, birthdate,           
            Restrictions, Area of expertise

We’ll be using the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs, IA AEA Clip Art, PhotoBooth and or digital cameras.

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