Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alphabet Letters

Photographing Alphabet Letters

1.  Choose a word or name 5 letters long or longer.

2. Take photos of objects that create each of the letters in your chosen word.

3.  Download the images from your camera to the computer.  It's easy to download to iphoto and keep this as a gallery of all your images, you make use the again this semester.  1) Open iphoto, 2) hook up your camera to the computer, 3) select import - if you wish to delete the images from the camera check the box that says delete images from the camera (This is a fast and easy way to clear the camera of images)  it will ask you are you sure if you want to delete the photos on your camera, select yes! 4)  Once the images are on your iphoto account click on the round circle in front of the camera in the left column to release the camera and unhook the cords of the camera from the computer.

4.  Slide the images from your iphoto account to the desktop of the computer.  (you can put them in a folder on your desktop if you want)

5.  Open Photoshop and proceed to work with this program (you can close iphoto if you have all the photos you will use on the desktop)

a. Create a new document.  FILE  
Make the images size 10 inches in width by 3.5 inches in height.  You may have to change the measurement style to inches as there are many choices.

b.  Go to FILE  
(You can hold down the apple key and select all the images with your mouse and they will all open at once without having to go back to file

c. Select one image at a time to work with.  You may have to crop down an image.  There is a graphic in the tool column at the left with two corner rulers overlapping.  This is the crop tool.  Start in a corner  where you want the cropping to start and pull it out and down to where it should end.  Once this is done there will be a glowing dashed line around your image.  To finish the crop go to IMAGE

d.  Next you need to resize your image.  Go to IMAGE  
Inder Document Size make the resolution 100, and the height 3.5  Click ok.

e.  Next hit Open apple and the letter a.  this will select your whole cropped photo.  Choose the  Move tool, this is the top tool with a pointer and a cross and you will be able to drag your cropped photo to the new document you created in letter a.

f.  Repeat c, d, f, for each letter to move over.  If your word is too long or the images won't fit you may have to adjust the size of the new document to start with and reduce it later as we only have 8.5 x 11" paper to work with.

g.  Once your document is complete and you can read your word print it to the graphics lab printer in color.  We will crop the image and mount it on matt board for display using spray glue or glue sticks.

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