Friday, May 31, 2013

animal morph-jensen

This is my animal morph, i liked this project, although i wish i could have gotten a better picture of myself, because the lions picture looked more professional.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Business card

This is my business card. I made it Denver Pizza because its where I work and I used the school colors because The Pizza Place is denver themed with sports and trophies.

Business Card

This is my Business Card.
While making my business card I learned some new tricks in Ai. Personally I like Ai the best, I find it the most useful and helpful. 
Funny note the phone number is that of Hogwarts.
I also like the simplicity of it.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Business Card

This is my business card. I did it for golf because I like golf and play golf.


This is my eye, I added a flame into it and changed the saturation to enhance the flame color.


this was hard for me because it was late and i didint know what to do to change my eyes so i thought evil and scary and i think i pulled that off.

magazine cover. by Derek Eicher

This is my magazine i did this one because i ave and LOVE tattoo!! it was fun to do this because i got to see an old friend sean blake he let me take a picture off his tattoo this was hard because my computer broke and i had to re-start bit i think it turned out good.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eye. Chad.

I cropped this eye using the paint brush tool with making the bloodshot marks with the smudge tool as well. to the right is lightening coming off the edge of my eye. There is blood coming off my eye as well, and the dots in my eye represent stars.
I took a picture of my eye and turned it into a monster. It took me a while to do but i think it looks good and has a lot of art in it.


This is my eye. I like the color puple so this is why is chose it. Then I changed the color of the pupil and added some flowers in the corner. Enjoy.


This is my magazine cover. I like cars and so I did it based on V8 Sport Cars. I got the picture from in front of the school. I wanted my grandpas mustang but I couldn't get to his house at a good time so I just got a picture of one on the road.


This is a picture of my eye. I changed the color of my eye to green then got an idea of making it look kinda like a lizard or some reptile. The pupil doesn't look as good as I would like but it is the best I could do.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sally's Eye

Creating my eye was a lot of fun. I found out how to use some filters on Adobe Photoshop. I got the image off of clip art. I liked this project because I got to do it all by myself and be creative on my own and make my own designs.

Saturday, May 4, 2013


 At first, I didn't like this project. But, after just messing around on Photoshop for a while I began to learn some cool stuff, like changing the colors in someone's eye. This picture is actually my own eye. I also experimented with some filters to layer over top the eye. I also used some Photoshop tools like: clone, healing, dodge and burn.
I really like the finished product. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Eye's Have It

I enjoyed this project, evan tho Ps gave me trouble, we had to take a picture of an eye and then change it somehow. The center of my eye is a Super nova or a star exploding in on itself so it looks as if the owner of the eye is watching this explosion. The eye is mine. 

Just for fun try and spot the differences. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Derek's Montage

this was hard and time consuming because i had to start over but i got it done and it looks ok.


This is my montage. It is hole 5 from the golf course. I chose this location because I like to golf and i thought that this would be the best looking hole for this project.

Magazine cover-jensen

This is my magazine cover, its called cats in Boxes. It is a magazine that goes into the wonderful and exciting world of Cats that enjoy boxes, giving tips for cat owners and cat lovers on how to properly care for a box loving cat.

Monday, April 29, 2013

This is my Magazine Cover that I made about wrestling. I had a picture from wrestling so I put it on the cover because I thought it looked nice. I put a lot of time into it and I thought it looked good.
This is my magazine cover. I chose baseball because I love it and it is my favorite sport. I chose the headline of "Players Making History" because I hope to make baseball history someday. The quotes I put on the side are personal quotes of mine. The white one is a general personal modo. The blue one is strictly a baseball term. The picture I put on there is my baseball gear I use every game of my own.

8 Pictures

This is my 8 pictures only it's only 5 because the rest are still on my camera. This was a fun project trying to get the pictures of certain things posed a challenge.






Magazine Cover

This is my magazine cover. It's called Betta Fish, because I have a betta and I like them. I took the picture myself, but it's not of my fish. The fish actually belongs to another teacher. I tried to base the color scheme of off the rocks in the fish bowl. I used mainly Adobe Illustrator to create it, but I had to use Adobe Photoshop to fill in the color for the background. 

My name is in the top corner on the left side.

golf magazine

This is my Magazine. I liked how the cover is very calm and suddle. The red in the title really makes my bag stand out and I really like golf so this all works out very good.

Magazine Physics Monthly

This is my magazine. I wish I could have done a better job on the Einstein Rosen Bridge but I couldn't figure out how to warp a straight line, I did learn some cool new tools on Ai and Ps tho so it worked out. The background is the best part of this it is suppose to look like atoms in a molecule, it started off as octagons in Ai then I took it over to Ps and played around with it it their and that is what resulted. 
I know I should have filled it up more but I couldn't figure out what else to put in. 
This is the background in Ai before I took it into Ps. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sally's Nails Of The Day!

I didn't like this project very much but it was kind of fun organizing things.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Heres my montage

8 pics







point of view

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Montage Chadda

I gathered these pictures together at the clubhouse up by the golf course and the pool. I chose this location because I work at the clubhouse and I love to play golf. I also swim at the pool a lot during the summer. After gathering these pictures together I montaged them together using photoshop.

Monday, April 22, 2013


This is my montage. I took the pictures for it at Brandt Park. This picture is personal to me because I spent a lot of time playing down there with my friends and siblings. 


           This is a montage of my house; my brother just happened to have the dirt bike out. This was right before we got all of the rain, you can see the storm coming up from the south.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Kurtis Montage

This is my montage I have created. I did the High School Gym because I love basketball and I had alot of good memories on that court.

Sally's Montage

My picture consisted of 19 pictures layered on top of each other. I like doing this project because you had to slowly and carefully inch the pictures accurately. I would do this project again if I could.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Shadow- branches  

Music- no idea what this thing is called

Children/ Elderly- some random kid 

Sun Set- my backyard 

Nature- my front yard 

Point of View 
(Its actually a reflection off of a window) 

Transportation- my older brothers car

Animals- my puppy 

I enjoyed this project very much and found it really easy. We had to take pictures for 8 different categories.