Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Studio Arts

The picture below is of some of the homemade lures i made. Couple of them i made out of a license plate, one i made out of a piece of copper and the one on the top is made out of a old spoon that i cut the handle off and painted.

These are some of the projects in studio arts. I have to say that out of all the projects that i made the bowls on the potters wheel was the hardest and the most aggravating because you have to have the clay on the wheel perfect in the center other wise once you would start pulling up the sides on the bowl then it would just start wobbling out of balance and fling into hundreds of pieces.
The project that took the longest is the one above, the ducks, because its four different pictures and their all different mediums. Over all i think they all turned out very well and i am glad i took the time to do it because you don't have this art class your whole life.

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Vans said...

Your creations are cool