Monday, October 31, 2011

For this project we had to montage at least six pictures together. I choose to do a montage of softball. I really like how mine turned out :) -Josie
Photo montage Alex k.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Photo Montage - Sarah F

This is a photo montage of my dog. I really enjoyed this project and I love this quote.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Assignment - Photo Montage

We will be bringing 6 or more images together for a montage effect. Go to Photoshop tips & tricks for more information on how to merge photos.
If you want to change the background or learn to make a mask click on this tutorial link. You can also use the lasso tool and move tool for easier shapes, along with erasing parts of a layer to make it fit your scene. Demonstrations will be given in class.
You will need to look in your iPhoto library for appropriate photos or take more photos to complete this assignment. All photos in your merge should be photos you have taken or family photos.
Here is one I did for my personal blog banner. There are ten layers to this montage of my family and important places in our past and present. The background is a photo of a painting I did, so think of including some of your own artwork as well!What theme or collection will you montage?
Think of the layout and sizing of your photos.  You will want to balance your work across the image.  Be careful of what you choose to crop and include.  Spacing is important to the success of your finished piece.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Artwork on Display at Cedar Falls AEA

 Selected students in Miss J's classes have work on display at the Area Education Agency in Cedar Falls for the month of October.  Miss J put a display up in the main hallway so it is open for public viewing when the building is open.  Click on a photo below to see an enlarged version of the artwork/display.  (Thanks to Lisa Cox for the photos of the display!)

8th grade cubism paintings
Graphic Design Font Faces

Graphic Design Font Faces
Graphic Design Alphabet Images

7th Grade Op Art Designs

7th grade Op Art Designs and Contour Designs

7th grade Contour Drawings of shoes and designs.

7th grade Jasper Johns Inspired Paintings

7th grade Jasper Johns Inspired Paintings and on the bottom 7th Tech Adobe Illustrator posters.  

7th Art Jasper Johns inspired paintings and 7th Tech Adobe Illustrator posters.

7th art - Jasper Johns inspired paintings and 6th Secret City and 7th tech Adobe Illustrator posters.

Art 1 Altered Book pages and 6th Secret City designs.

Art 1 Altered Book pages and 6th grade Secret City drawings.

Art 1 Altered book page designs and 6th Secret City drawings

8th grade Cubism paintings

The end of the hall drawings!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Poster Design Guidelines

Posters are an advertising tool meant to capture the attention of customers on the move. The difficult part about designing posters is that they have to be able to capture attention in one glance, and in that one glance, a reader should be able to immediately discern the message. Therefore, following some basic graphic design rules is vital to the effectiveness of your posters.

1. Limit your text.  A good rule of thumb is 1/3 text to 2/3 visuals.

2. Images should be able to capture attention and relate to the purpose of the poster.  Don't overload your poster with too many images.

3. No more than two font types and only three or four font sizes.  Remember the size reflects the order of importance the size of the text.

4. Don't go overboard on color. The background should be a muted color or should contrast the text color.  Avoid black background for printing purposes.  (It eats our ink up)

5.  When it comes to layout, leave lots of space.  Control the eye flow by grouping information logically and using space to draw the reader through the layout.

6.  Design more than one layout.  Try different colors, fonts, sizes, arrangements, ideas...  A designer rarely comes to a client with one choice.  Show your versatility!

Don't forget that posters are for reaching a large amount of people in certain areas.  What can your design do to intrigue the viewer to check it out.  What do you have on your poster that allows the viewers eye to move through the information.  Usually start with the most important information at the top and follow in order of importance.  Display the information in such a way that the eye follows this information.  Be original.  Try for something different than what's been done before.  Don't let an Adobe Illustrator document look like it was a Miscosoft Word document.  Create something that shows your own talent and pride in your abilities.