Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Theme Photo/Word Poster

I chose a picture of my grandma's dog. He was my bestest friend for a really long time. (Olyvia 2009)

Students will be creating a Theme poster with words identified with the theme placed on the page using Illustrator. Balance out the fonts and size of lettering across the page so it lines up with the edge of your chosen photo. The photo should be put through a filtering process so the outlines match up with the style of fonts you use. You can use gray tones and black within your layout. The arrangement should be horizontal... avoid diagonal words. Try to fit the lettering together so you avoid spacing whites and avoid lines of lettering by moving some words up or down. For example, if you use a 36 pt word next to it you could be able to fit in two lines of words, off centered so it's not on the same line.

DEADLINE: Friday 12/2 will be the last in class day to work on this project.
FORMAT: Print off a copy and post on the blog.
(Miss J 2011)

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