Saturday, October 15, 2011

Assignment - Photo Montage

We will be bringing 6 or more images together for a montage effect. Go to Photoshop tips & tricks for more information on how to merge photos.
If you want to change the background or learn to make a mask click on this tutorial link. You can also use the lasso tool and move tool for easier shapes, along with erasing parts of a layer to make it fit your scene. Demonstrations will be given in class.
You will need to look in your iPhoto library for appropriate photos or take more photos to complete this assignment. All photos in your merge should be photos you have taken or family photos.
Here is one I did for my personal blog banner. There are ten layers to this montage of my family and important places in our past and present. The background is a photo of a painting I did, so think of including some of your own artwork as well!What theme or collection will you montage?
Think of the layout and sizing of your photos.  You will want to balance your work across the image.  Be careful of what you choose to crop and include.  Spacing is important to the success of your finished piece.

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