Thursday, September 1, 2011

Assignment - Alphabet Word Photos

Our first assignment in the Graphics Lab!
1. Choose a word or name at least 5 letters long or longer.
2. Next search for and take photos of objects that create each of the letters in your chosen word. Do not take photos of the written word (posters, things that are already letters). Also avoid "setting up" a letter, search for the letter in natural forms. Remember we will be able to resize and crop the photos.
3. Download your photos into iphoto on your school account. All the photos you use should be photos YOU have taken yourself, you are free to use photos you have taken previously though.
4. Once the photos are in iphoto, drag the photos you want to use onto your desktop. This will leave the original photo on iphoto and make a duplicate photo you can adapt for this assignment.
5. Put the application Adobe Photoshop on your computer's dock before opening it by dragging the application to your dock.
6. Open Photoshop by clicking on the application in your dock. Once Photoshop is open, select Open and choose the photos from your desktop that you want to use for the assignment.
7. Create a New Document with the size 10.5" wide and 4 " tall and 100 dpi.
8. Now you will need to crop and resize the photos and insert them into the new document so all our letters are in one file spelling out our intended word. Make sure the photos are clear and focused and all letters should be of the same contrast. Careful not to crop away important parts of your letter.
9. When resizing, use 100 dpi on all photos so they are in the same format. You can go to tools and turn on the ruler guide so you can see the size to crop. Each persons process may be different here depending on how many letters are in your word. The height may have to be shorter than 4" to fit all the letters but the width may be varied. You can turn off the keep proportions box in the resize images so you can "thin" up your word too.
10. Once the letter is cropped and resized, select the photo (open apple - A) and use the drag/move tool to drag it to your new document. Repeat this for all of your letters until your word made up of different photos is in one document. Re-crop the full document if there is space left to the side or below your photos.
11. We will print these and finish them off by mounting them to mat board to be displayed at the AEA Denver Art Display in October and our annual Denver Art Show in the spring 2012. - Miss J.
12.  Last but not least please post them to the class blog.  You will need a google account to log in with the invitation that was sent to you from Miss. J.

"Huntley", by Jake - 1/09

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