Thursday, March 3, 2011

Art 2 - White on Black

For this project, we were given a black sheet of paper and were told to draw with a white colored pencil. With the white pencil, we had to draw the white part that was on the pictures we got our ideas from. We would then have to shade the picture to make it more realistic. We could not outline which made it a little bit more difficult.  Some people chose dark themes. I chose a mother nature type theme for mine. I have "Mother Nature" sleeping on the bottom of mine. Her hair than changes into water that flows down a river and under a bridge. In the background, there are mountains and trees to go with the theme. I think that all of them turned out really good. The hardest part was thinking in reverse, instead of the normal pencil on white paper. I really liked this project because of the challenge and the way it turned out. I am excited to see what people are going to think of all of them in the art show.   -Kaitlyn G.

       In this project we had to take take many black and white pictures and make them into a college.
      The general idea of this project was to make it almost "dreamlike" while only drawing the highlights or the white parts of the pictures. We had to use several techniques such as shading. My picture was supposed to have an old dark room theme. I added things like an open door, vintage lighting, empty picture frames and a piano. The piano keys and the hand were by far the most difficult part of the project for me. This project took alot of time and planning for the whole class.  My project turned out better than  I thought it would be, I plan on entering it into the artshow.  -Taryn F.

While making this project we had to use a white pencil we then had to make a rough draft or plan. I decided to do a mixture between heaven and hell. I decided to make it look as though the sun was melting the sky and God was watching. I found pictures from the internet and magazines to look off of to use as a idea of how i wanted it to go. This have probably been my favorite project and in my opinion my best project in both art 1 and 2. i will most definitly be entering it into the art show! :) - Alex K.

We were told to find a black and white photo of something then think of ideas of what to do, and i got a photo of a zebra and and wanted to make it into a waterfall but we couldn't draw the dark's so i drew the head of the zebra and put trees in it and put rocks in it. we used white pencils to make it. Jake H.

The project was based around white on black, they were formed from a collage that we did before actually completing the project.

I chose this collage because to me it represents all the evil in the world coming together with all the kindness and compassion. I feel that it is one of my best pieces in art 2 and I am very proud that I had a chance to complete this project.- Jensen J.

To start this project I had to think about different dreamlike, or surrealist, ideas. I came up with the idea of an unhuman character capturing and sucking souls in his dungeon. I came up with this idea thinking about some different movies with dreamlike qualities and somehow I came upon the topic of Harry Potter and the Dementors. The whispy, Soul-like qualities struck interest in me.
To go about this project I had to think very differently and backwards. We did a project similar to this last semester but it was dark on light, not light on dark. So it was kind of a large change between the two. However, I am very pleased with the outcome of the picture. I think it looks very nice and well done.  - Lexi R.


Lina-Paola said...
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Lina-Paola said...

@ Kaitlyn-This is some good stuff here! I really like the Mother Nature piece you got going there. I bet it was challenging, because normally people draw with a black pencil, rather than a white one. However, you did a real good job here, and great approach too!