Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Art 2 -Clay Plate

This is a clay plate we were assigned to make in Art 2. My shape is a rectangle and I made it to look like it was a picture. I had put circular shapes that pop out on the corners and then used a fork to make the texture. I used a circular object to make the circles in the middle, then used a knife to make the lines connecting them. Getting the clay to not stick to the newspaper while I was rolling it out was a big challenge for me. I plan to use this plate to keep notes to myself so I won't forget about important things. Samie L.

This is my clay project from art 2. I made a circle shape and added spacey stuff to it. we used a rolling pin to get our clay base then used a knife to cut our shape. i plan on taking this to college with me so i can show all my new friends i will make.
Tyler P.

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