Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stamped faces

I really liked this project because I liked mixing all the different colors and seeing how they turned out. I liked the idea of choosing anything you wanted as a color. I also liked how my project ended up and how colorful it was. Carving out the face on the stamp was fun also, I've never done a project like this and I though it was just really creative and fun.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Original Quote College - Art 2

I really liked working on this project beacuse it dident take long and I like to work with old chinese words and paintings. my favorite part in this prodject was that i wrote the big chinese letters with black ink. I though this was an intersting project and i liked doing it.
Blake B.

I liked to think up my own quote and college around it. I mainly used paper for the materials that I used to college. I liked this project because I like doing colleges, they can really show my creativity. I hope to do something like this again. - Josie W.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

White on Black - Art 2

At first, I thought this project would be difficult and take a long time to get complete. When I started, I didn't know were to start. So I started with the focal point which was the lion, and then when I was done with that part (which took alot of details and erasing) I started on the 2nd piece which was the candle that brought the light to the walls and shadows the upper part of the wall.
All in all, I very much enjoyed making and seeing the project come to life.
Greg D.

This project was very challenging. It took me awhile to get used to drawing in the white parts, not the black like I would usually do when drawing on white paper. It was also very challenging to shade in all the shadows such as the shadows in the tree and in the hat. I was proud of the outcome of my work. I think, if given the chance, I would do a project like this again. {Missy S.}

This white on black was a really fun project. I had to erase many of times and fix mistakes.But over all it turned out better then I thought even having to change couple things along the way. I cant really say it was easy but it was fun just seeing how good it turned out.
Cody M

This picture is a white shading project on black paper. I did an angel in the ocean by rocks in the shallow area. I liked this project, because you shade the colors in different shades to make a picture without outlining. This was a little difficult with the face and the shading. It was a fun project and it was a little challenge for me.
-- Jalen W.

This project for me started out very difficult! Partially because all my life when I drew the part I shaded was the darker parts and to go from that to the total opposite was hard and at time frustrated me a little bit. But by the end I loved this project. I am very happy and satisfied with my end result. I would enjoy drawing another one of these types of pictures.
-Jordyn :)