Wednesday, December 1, 2010

ART One Artist Palette :) 4th Hour

For my blog entry I decided to choose to my art palette for what art project I will talk about. When I first started this project I thought it was dumb and worthless. Once I started to think about it I wanted to make my palette about Imagination and when I thought about it my mind exploded with ideas. I wanted to get everything onto my paper so fast, but I didn’t know where to start. I just put random things because that is what my mind and imagination comes up with. I am not ordinary I am original, different I don’t think like other people and that is how my art work is like no one else's. Random would be the word I would use for my art work and my life. See every second you make decisions. I am making decisions about what to type right now, but when I am doing art I don’t think I just do it. Anything in my mind ends up on the paper. If I am thinking about bananas that is what will be on the paper I can’t help it. On my palette I have water colors, crayon, thread, fabric, puzzle pieces, and sharpie. I tried to use all of the mediums I could just to show imagination, imagination is not just crayons or just painting it is everything together. Right now we are working on a "dot" project I am now searching for a picture to use for it. I think I might just find a picture that is like me, random. I use to try and be like everyone else I didn’t like it, so now I am myself and that is the life experience that shows in my work. That's just me and how I roll.   
                                         ~Courtney Rose :)

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful ! I am inspired to do this with my students in grade 8.