Friday, December 10, 2010

Art 1 - 4th period - Pointalism Painting

i just think about something then sketch it on a rough draft then I make a final draft. We used tempera paint with sponges. We had to try to mix colors together. We werent suppose to have plain colors. I think it was pretty good for the first time.

Andy M
I have never done a painting like this it is kind of fun, but it is also changing because you have to mix colors to the right shadow and hue. you couldn't have the same color right next to the other, and you couldn't have plain colors we had to mix them with the other colors.

Samie L.
The painting I chose is a pointalism painting. We had to use a sponge to paint on dots on the paper. We had to use no solid colors and I thought it was very fun and interesting to do. At times it was challenging to decide what colors to blend together at certain places.  It was hard for me to not have solid colors in places, but in others it was extremely easy.


Sabita said...

i love the Andy M,the contrast of collour ,which is been used ,i loved it...

Blah shahs said...

Your art is crap make it better scum