Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Art 1-Story People Sculpture

By: Taryn
       As one of our projects we created story people, these are sculptures that come with a quotes that we must create on our own. To start the project off we had to create our quote.Then,we had to collect pieces of wood, the pieces together had to create a character. We used wood glue and rubber bands to secure the wood together. After the sculpture was built, we painted them and gave them their special details.
        My story person is a girl, the quote i made is on her skirt, it reads, " People who want to sing, always find a song..". Then to portray her singing, i gave her a microphone. The project itself is supposed to sort of abstract, so I decided not to put a face on my character. Then twisted and bent spare wire for her hair.
      This story people project wasn't hard, but,  it was one of my favorite of the year. What I liked the most about it was, how everyone's turned out so different and unique. In fact I liked this project so much I have it hanging up in my room. Thanks for reading!


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