Friday, December 10, 2010

Art 1 - 8th period - Printmaking Collage

This is my printmaking collage named Beautiful. In this painting i used stamps and colored pencils. we did these in class when Mrs. J was here. The first thing we learned was how to print. It looked easy at first but it was hard. You would first find some prints that repersent who you are. So I choose that stamps the sun, a turtle, and a fish. We practice on our stamps for a while and when we thought we were good at them we got our final copy. After we printed on the final copy it was time to color. This whole art work is about me. Most everything I like is in this painting. I love the sports softball and volleyball, and if you can see the lilly pads are the balls. I also love under the sea. I loved doing this collage and would like to do more.
Brianna S.

 This is my print of the night day and water and ground and a soldier. In my picture i put night day water and ground and i put a moon a sun a frog and fish to resemble it. I love watching war stuff and hunting. I love guns pretty much. For my technique i just stamped then blended colors together to draw the different scenes. It did not take too long but the hardest thing was getting a good clean stamp to stick. Blaine B

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