Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Art 1 - 4th period - Whistles

Why I choose a baby dragon, well I wanted to do an adult dragon with its mouth wide open and the wings billowing out.  But I could not draw or find a dragon that looked like that. So I started to play around with different things.  Then I happened to draw a baby dragon hatching from an egg, and I went with it.
Baby Dragon
How I made it was: first we had to make the whistle, which was really hard.  I had to start over sixteen times before I could get it to work. Then next came the shell, which I put around the underside of the whistle. Then the head, wings, eyes, and the head shell (peace of shell on its head). After that we fired it in the kiln, glazed it, then fired it again.
Materials we used were clay, kiln, glaze, popcicle stick, rolling pin, and our hands. 

For my whistle, I did a cow. I do not know why I chose a cow exactly. Maybe the reason is because cows are interesting animals, plus they are funny looking.
I started with a huge lump of clay. We were instructed to make a ball with that clay. Once I finished that, we had to cut that ball in half. After that was done, I hollowed out the center and then molded the ball back together.  So after all that, I ended up with a hollowed out ball for my wind chamber.  Next, I had to make a small, rectangular piece for the whistle part. That took a little while because I messed up a few times. Next came the air hole. That was the hardest part. You had to take a popsicle stick and poke a hole in the top and then another one through the whistle part. The reason why that part was so hard was because you had to poke it in a certain way. This took many people a long time in order to get a sound to come out of it. When I finally completed those parts, I started molding the cow. It did not take me long at all to complete that. When I was almost done, I decided to make a body with it.
I finished my cow, now all we had to do was put it in the kiln. When that was done, my cow had different colors on it. So I repainted it. Now my cow was perfect.
~ Mickayla

I created this project because I thought that it would be cool to do a chipmunk. I created the chipmunk with clay. First I had to make a ball that was big enough for the body and then I split that in half and then i cleaned out the center of both sides of the clay. Then I slipped and scored the outer edges of the clay and stuck them together. Next I made the whistle part and put that on it. I put the popcicle stick through the whistle part and made it go into the hole in the center of it. Then i made the hole for the air to come out when u blow in it. Next I made both of the arms and stuck them on. After that I put on the legs and it took a while to get the right angle of the legs. Once the clay part of it was done I glazed it by putting a brown coat on 2 times. Next part it went into the kiln. I used clay, water, knife, popcicle sticks, toothbrush.
-Brody                                                              Chipmunk

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