Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art 1 palettes

   For my palette I decided on a quote that I think is really inspirational, "Don't tell me sky is the limit when there's footprints on the moon". I chose to splatter paint my background, because stars are everywhere not in order and I thought splattering would give it that effect. I used a toothbrush and flicked the bristles that had white and gold paint on it causing a star like look. I also made a rocket that gave the effect of coming from the moon. I made my rocket using paint pens. My planet was made from transparent paper.
    I chose the quote because it has a good moral to always try harder then what you are already doing. My finished product look exactly like i wanted it to look. I enjoyed doing this project it was one of my favorites. It was a lot of fun to think of ideas to make a great piece of art.  ~Bailey V.

This was our first project of the year. I enjoyed making this palette because we got to put whatever on the palette that we wanted to. It didn't have to be something exact and we could be very different. I really enjoyed combining things into each other. my favorite thing to use on this project was the metallic silver sharpie. I think it made certain areas really pop out and look different. I loved making the volcano that turned into a fish tank. This was by far one of my favorite projects this year! and I'd love doing more projects like this! :)  -Alex K.

 This palette was the first project we did in this class. I used paint, pastels, markers, crayons and magazine cutouts. I liked this project because it probably gave us the most freedom regarding materials and what not. There were hardly any limitations other than the fact that it had to be shaped like a palette. I chose the things i did because they represent me and my interests. It was kind of just random assortment of all-about-me objects. ---Jake Morrow

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