Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art 1 - 4th period - Grid Drawings

I recently finished a piece of Art. It is a grid drawing of a lion. For this Art piece I had to find a picture online, I choose a picture of a Lion that was printed in black and white since that is what it would look like when it is finished. After that I took the picture and found a graph paper that fit to the small picture that I had. Then I took that scale
of the small picture and made it a larger scale so I cold transfer it onto a large sheet of paper. After that I had to draw a big grid on the large sheet of paper, so it made it easier to draw and get the correct detail.
After all the griding was over I had to start sketching out the head of the lion, once that was done I had to start shading. First I started with the head of the lion and worked out to the mane. I think that the shading of the mane was the hardest part because it had so much contrast. I had to erase, shade, and use blending tools to get the best shading for the mane.
My lion took a long time and hard work to do, but I really like it and to me it presents boldness, courage and bravery. Which sometimes I don't have, so by drawing the lion it pulled out my courage, bravery, and boldness.:)
BY: Renae S.

 I did this grid drawing, it is a picture of my favorite breed of dog, rottweiler. I've had an interest in rottweilers since I went to my aunts house and played with her two-hundred pound rottweiler. I started with a simple black and white rottweiler picture, then I put the picture onto a grid, when that was done I converted the grid onto a piece of paper, finally i copied the picture. I used several different shades of pencil, most was very dark, but I also used light pencil and even rubbed some led on my finger and then onto the drawing. When it was finished I put a border on it to complete the picture, it makes it look more professional and a lot nicer.
BY: Jensen J.

      I finished a grid drawing recently. My picture is a corner back on the NFL football team the Green Bay Packers. A corner back is someone who guards the wide receiver so he can't catch the ball. During the time I was thinking about the Packers and he is my favorite player so I looked him up under google images and found a good picture of him in his defensive stance.
      We made this by making a grid on a sheet of paper and increasing its size to make a bigger photo and I used an eraser, a blending stump, and a pencil to make this. It is black and white, and I used my blending skills to blend things together and make a good background, shadows, and picture. Also, to blend it a lot of the photo I just colored it in with a pencil and used a tissue and blended it so it would spread around. To get the line figure out of the picture I would use the blending stump over all of that and spread it again with a tissue, sometimes I used an eraser that was covered in led to spread it around too. I decided to make this photo because I love the Green Bay Packers, I watch them every time they play and cheer them on!
Al Harris
BY: Chad J

Brittany W.
For our first project we had to do a grid drawing. The first thing we did was find a picture online. After we found the picture we drew the picture on a poster and the colored it in with pencil. The picture I picked was the Eiffle Tower and i picked this one because it is a birthday present for my mom. I thought this was a very good project because we could do something we wanted to do. I also liked that mine was a little difitcle. I thought it was cool to see how pictures could look so cool by colering with pencils.
   My Eiffle Tower took a really long time to make. After i got done with it i thought it looked really cool. I picked the Eiffle Tower because my mom loves france and it is a wonderful building to see. My picture shows the difitculty and creatifty.

bulldog by nathan
We recently were assigned to do a grid drawing, at first I didn't know what to draw. I thought of things I like, which I love dogs so I went to the computer and looked at different types of dogs.  I found the one dog that I hope to own some day, which is a bulldog. I printed it off and put a clear plastic grid over top of it and taped it on. When I was done drawing this was my finished piece. Nathan B.

We were assigned to do a grid drawing. When I first heard this I had no idea of what I was going to do. Then it just popped in my head that i should do the medal of honor. I choose the Air Force Valor medal because I plan on going into the military hopefully the Air Force.
Medal of Honor by Zach Oberheu

Panda by Brittany A.
I was assigned to do a grid drawling, I have always loved pandas becuase they can be gentle and they are fluffy, so I looked for panda pictures in books and on the internet and finally found the right picture. It took alot of thinking and shading and took some math to make it the right the outside rim i messed up a few times but it was fixable. And that is my my grid drawling. By Brittany A.

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