Wednesday, January 20, 2010

7th 2nd trimester Word Portraits

These silhouettes of 7th grade art students in the 2nd trimester group of students are unique to each individual. I hope they keep them and remember a time when they were young.To make these portraits, I first took photos of them in poses of their choice and added a filter to their photos so it would be easier for the students to trace the outline. The students listed words that they felt describe themselves and added those words inside the traced form. I think they had fun!

2nd trimester 6th grade Glazing

Another group of students, same project and task, GLAZING.

1st trimester 6th grade glazing

Glazing day is a big event. Usually it takes two classperiods for the students to get their work glazed. The 6th graders made drapped bowls this year. The outcomes are a varied as each of the students. There's a lot going on wouldn't you say?

Friday, January 8, 2010

7th grade oil pastel self portraits

Seventh Grade art students from the 1st Trimester learn to enlarge and draw photos of themselves. I took photos of each student with their hand close to their face. The students could choose their pose and facial expressions. They then were required to add color and shading to their face. We talk about and viewed some Fauve style paintings and the color choices we have available to us as well. For some of them, it is tough to get away from choosing realistic colors. We always have to be open to new possibilities!