Monday, November 30, 2009

chase s

I chose this peace of Art because the colors really looked beautiful. I used blue green and purple to make it look very dark outside. I tried to make the streets look as good as possible to try and make them look like a real street. I thought the blending of colors was pretty good looking. The gluing of the art was very fun because the glue was fun to wipe on the cardboard and them you would put white napkins on it to make it look cool. And that is why I chose this art project.

I decided to post my pop out art on the blog. We had to find a picture with 5 to 6 different layers. Then we made copies of the picture. Once we made the copies we had to start cutting out the layers. I decided to use the picture of me and my friends at homecoming. I used the background as one layer, balloons as another layer, the two girls in the center of the back row, the two outside girls and then the two girls in front. I found that cutting the picture with an exacto knife was the hardest part. I found this project as a small challenge but I very much enjoyed making it. The funnest part of this was putting all of the layers together. Kayla W.

We started off by using pages from old books and searched for words scattered throughout that created a saying. The saying that I found in my page was "Nostrils smother the air as if bricks tied the empty space." I chose this saying, because it had a really deep and artistic feel to it. My original idea for decorating my page was to build a 3-D nose with a brick base, but decided to go with the norm. I kept the page at it's normal size, ripped the edges and suronded them with bricks that i found in different magazines. I also cut the words out and used card board to make them pop out. to finish it up, I took tempra paint and watered it down; I used a brush and let the color run down the page.

Oz W.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I chose this piece because I enjoy drawings of faces and because I like creating with pastels. In this work I decided to take a different approach to the person so I gave him a fro and some sideburns. I really enjoyed blending the green with the blue in the background. Alex R.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Derek's Face collage

This project was a lot of fun. We took pictures of different people and we cut out different parts and placed them on a head, creating a new head out of different parts of peoples heads. The hardest part about this project was the hair it was hard to place hair on the photo to make it look real, the tool I used was the transform tool and I warped the hair to the head. To help blend some things together I used the blur tool.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clay Whistles - Art 1

For this project we had to make a clay ball and cut it open and take out the clay from the inside then put the two parts back together. After we had the ball we put another clay piece on it that would be the blow hole. I choose to turn my clay ball into a bear the hardest thing about this project I would say is turning it from a circle to another shape.