Thursday, September 24, 2009

This project was really cool and easy. I picked these pictures, because i like wrestling and we got a trophy.

Levi's Strip Picture

This project was really fun and simple. We were required to pick two pictures that we took, so I chose my state medal and a picture my mom took of me at state wrestling. I then cut strips out of each picture and combined them together. I really like the way it turned out.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Strip Photo!

For my strip photo I used a painting piece I saw at an art museum and a photo I took of a sun set I took. I think it is pretty sweet.
~Jordyn :)

Noah's Pictur

This is my shadow.

Olyvia's 3 pics

I cropped the original picture so that I had only one window. Then I created more shadows and contrast. At the end I added a yellow tint to make the white look less bright.

I took this picture through my windshield so it had a few spot with glare on it, I used the stamp to get ride of them. Then I darken the whole photo and highlighted the sunset part. This is my favorite picture.

I cropped this picture to take out the brick because it was distracting, then I used lens lighting feature to make it have a cool lighting effect.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

john even shadow

This picture is of levis shadow.

Levi's Nature, Shadow, and Choice Pictures

This is a picture of a flower I found outside of school. I liked the color of it so I captured it. I just changed the sharpness of the flower to make it stick out more.
We had to take a picture of someone's shadow. I had Blaze take a picture of me and it turned out great. All I did to the picture was filter it to glowing edges. I like how it makes me look like a cartoon more than anything.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

6th graders at work!

These 6th graders are working on their secret city drawings. They "build" their drawings using the vocabulary of foreshortening, shadows, contour lines, surface, overlapping, density and size.

Friday, September 18, 2009

~Justin's Photos~

I used the macro on my camera to enhance the photo when closer up to smaller object like this pine cone in this image. I changed the contrast and brightness of the image to make the pine cone have more texture.
I was able to capture the shadow of an old rusty nail that was bent in a wooden post. I enhanced the photo with photoshop to make the colors more vibrant.

I was taking photos of the flowers in a neighbors yard when I was able to capture this image. I used photoshop to edit the color and make it look like it's a drawing or painting.

Derek's photos

This is my shadow picture of a stray cat that I used a filter called glowing edges on.

This is a picture I took by the weight room with my camera using my macro function.

This is another photo I took in my neighbors yard using my macro function. Also I used the brightness/contrast function on photoshop.

Jordyns Pictures

In this project we were to take an unlimited amount of pictures on 15 of 25 subject. A few of my fifteen were "Hands", "View from out of my window", and "sleeping".

For this picture I just placed my hand on the mirror and took a picture. Can you tell which one is mine?

For this picture I found a wasp on the the other side of a window and thought it was pretty neat so I decided to take a picture!

For this picture I just took a picture of Jalen while she was asleep. :)