Friday, March 13, 2009

Studio Art - Canvas Painting

This painting is a picture of a young girl. I first started out by lightly graphing out the canvas, then drawing the portrait on it. I had to mix and blend my colors in my background with a cloth, and then shade different colors to make the shadows and planes on the girl's face. I think doing this painting was a good idea because I have enjoyed doing this project. It isn't done, I have a lot to do still, but i think the outcome of my painting will be good and worth some of the frustrations I've had in the process of this painting.
-Bethany Pals

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Doodle 4 Google

The theme for the Doodle 4 Google contest this year was "What I wish for the World".
Since we are only able to send in 6 entries for the competition, we had a local contest here at school where some of the high school teachers and our principal acted as judges. Congratulations to the following "Doodle for Google" contest entry winners from Denver: Heather Frost, Katie Heine, Jake Huntley, Alek Jerauld, Keirston Johnston, and Rachael Reiter.

Studio Art - Plaster mask

This picture is of me with plaster on my face. You get the plaster wet and spread it around a little bit till its smooth. Once it hardens you take it off your face and it can be painted or cut, whatever you want. With mine i cut out the eyes and I'm painting it. Also I am making a hat to put on top of it.
-Keirston Johnston

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Painting - Expressive Play

While the class was throwing paint on paper I was still staring at a plain white square on the table in front of me. Trying to plan what I was going to paint was difficult. Ms. J., seeing my frustration, said don't plan it out, express yourself in colors, just go crazy. It didn't have to show anything. It was abstract. So i just started throwing paint and mixing colors. then once it dried i cut it up and placed the pieces in a puzzle like form, just to put some more "Hailie" into it.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Painting - Canvas Panels

For this painting, we got to choose something to paint onto canvas and I chose a rose because I love roses. I started out with the one red flower and then I decided that the canvas was too empty. So I added the purple flowers and it made the painting look more complete. I liked mixing the colors and finding different shades to bring out certain parts of the flowers.
Maddie =)
For this project we got to paint a topic of our choice. To paint this pictures we used Acrylic paint. For my topic I chose to paint a picture of me and my dog Skye. I like the way it turned out very much. Although I had a though time with the shading on my face I think it turned out alright. Jordyn V. :]

To paint my picture I used acrylic paint and we got to decide on our own topic to paint. I chose a water landscape to paint because I am a big fan of landscape paintings. I really enjoyed working on this painting and making it stand out. Although, the hardest part of my painting was painting the waves because I had to create many layers to make them look real. Danielle F.

In this painting I used acrylic paint and when searching for a topic I picked an eye. The reason for this is mainly because eyes stand out to me as a defining feature on someones face. I couldn't just leave a plain eye on a sheet of paper with nothing around it. I wanted something that would make the eye stand out as the main part of the painting so thats why I choose to put the eye peeking through a keyhole on a door. Blending was probably the hardest part about this painting project, but the wooden door surrounding the keyhole was the most I had to use blending on in this painting. Justin K.

This painting was one of my best works by far. I decided that painting landscapes was my greatest strength. I am most proud of the sky, it took alot of work to get that just right. Sam

7th grade Exploratory Shrines

Congratulations 7th grade Contest Winners

Second trimester, 7th grade art students participated in a design contest for the Iowa State Education Association. They designed a decal for supporting good work done by students. The winning designs at the state level are made into stickers that are distributed to Iowa teachers each fall.
Winning at our local contest were designs from Brianna Schaefer, Mike Krueger, McCoy Matthias, Abby Terrill and Kristen Mundhenke. We'll hear if any of them were state winners at the end of the school year. Good luck students!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crafts as a Fine Art - Portrait Cut Out

This project was alot easier than I thought. I did my picture of Tupac because i like Tupac and his music. It was a lot of fun.
Blake K.

I liked doing this project a lot. The project turned out to be more easy than I thought. My picture was a picture of an actor. I used three pieces of different colored paper. I thought this project was fun and i liked it. Rachel D
I did this project in crafts class. At first we all thought this project was going to be very had, but it turned out to be really relaxing and fun. We took a picture and then we had to blow it up, draw it, and then cut various lines to look how it does. In my picture is Barack Obama. The background is gold, because gold to me represents royalty and he is royalty. This cut out project was very enjoyable. Molly S.
This is a project I did in art class. It's called a portrait cut out. I cut out a picture of me and my two friends on a trip to Chicago. I used a green and yellow paper to put under my black cut out.
-Sydney H.

When Miss. J told us about this project I thought " oh yay " and I was excited for it. At first it looked easy but come to find out not so much. The hardest part was the cutting, not even drawing and I am not so good at that, but you had to make sure you didn't cut the wrong pieces out. My cut out is of Hallie Williams. I had fun working on this project. Kenzee

Crafts as a Fine Art - Origami

This was one of the origami projects that we made in class. I liked this project alot. It was pretty simple as long as you didn't get behind on the movie cause then it got really hard to get back on track- Cody M.

This project was an origami flower. I enjoyed this project very much, it was fun to get a flower and a stem out of a simple piece of paper. The flower was one of the best origami projects that we did. It was challenging but simple at the same time. -Tim N.

In this project we did origami the art of paper folding. We used paper and folding techniques. We made many varieties of projects with the paper, as in the tulip and stem, star basket, air plane, bunny, and birds. -Kimberly A.