Thursday, October 15, 2009

This project was inspired from a picture that Ms. J showed me. I knew I wanted to do a 3-D piece of some sort. I began by looking for styrofoam balls in a few stores. They were pretty expensive, so rather than spend a fortune, I bought rubber balls in the toy section. I started by using news print paper mache. I found several designs and pictures in a book that Ms. J provided, and I then used paper mache to place them on the larger balls. I went on to paint the rest of the balls with colors that balanced the piece out. I used a Sharpie to make my own designs on the painted ones and to finish it off, I used Mod Podge to create the shiny effect that the sculpture has. Although this was a very time consuming project, I enjoyed it alot and am pleased with the outcome! Here are two pictures: one of the sculpture in a working progress, and one of the final piece. Hannah L.

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