Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jordyns Morphing Photo

This morphing photo was kinda hard for me. I took a picture I taking of the St. Louis Arch and turned it into a road. I added grass and trees near the top to have the scenery change along with the arch. I added a yellow line going down the middle and a car going up the side the finish off the effect. I kind of like the out come of the photo. Morphing photos is pretty fun and deffinatly something I enjoy doing. :) ~Jordyn

Levi's Morphing

I chose to do this project with the random pictures I had on my computer. I thought this turned out pretty cool. I used the blend tool the most to blend in the colors of the project. I also used the laso tool to cut out and paste the many different pictures into their rightful places.

Friday, October 16, 2009

This is my pet raccone. His name is Rocky. Say hello to Rocky everyone. His face was about the easiest thing to paint. His hair was the hardest thing to paint cause my brush wasn't the finest.
Cody M

I chose this painting, because I really liked this painting of the first thing I ever did in this classroom. It has been in inspiration for me to do the best on the projects I do in class. When I don't do a good project I want to toss the painting away but then I thing of this saying "Remember were you started because it is always going to be the first thing that motivates you. That is why I will remember this painting. The Lost Garden.

Brian D.

I really liked painting animals on rocks. It was hard at first to find a rock that you could really see an animal in, but i found a fish. The hardest part about painting on the fish was painting the scales, they were very time consuming. When i finally finished I loved the finished product, the fish actually looked like a realistic fish. I would love to do another project like this. -- Josie W.

I thought this painting project was a challenge. To find a rock that fit your animal and to paint it the right way. I choose a skunk. It was an challenge to keep the rock not looking too outlined. It was a very fun project to choose an animal and paint it on a rock. It was also very frustrating with the hair on the skunk when i just could not get it right. Overall I liked this project and it was very interesting.--Jalen W.
This pen and ink drawing was my first Studio Art project. I really enjoyed it because I had never really done anything like it before. I was inspired by a painting in one of Ms. J's college books.It took a lot of time and I got a little frustrated at times with shading the rocks,but in the end it was all worth it. I wish I had drawn it on card stock instead of regular paper. I can't wait to do more fun and exciting projects that broaden my artistic views. :) Olyvia

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I choose this picture because it took alot of time to do. I am proud of it. It is probably one of the nicest peaces of art i did this year. I choose this image to draw because it looked challenging and fun to do.
This project was inspired from a picture that Ms. J showed me. I knew I wanted to do a 3-D piece of some sort. I began by looking for styrofoam balls in a few stores. They were pretty expensive, so rather than spend a fortune, I bought rubber balls in the toy section. I started by using news print paper mache. I found several designs and pictures in a book that Ms. J provided, and I then used paper mache to place them on the larger balls. I went on to paint the rest of the balls with colors that balanced the piece out. I used a Sharpie to make my own designs on the painted ones and to finish it off, I used Mod Podge to create the shiny effect that the sculpture has. Although this was a very time consuming project, I enjoyed it alot and am pleased with the outcome! Here are two pictures: one of the sculpture in a working progress, and one of the final piece. Hannah L.

I got this idea from a picture i saw in the art room. I really liked all the different colors and that they werent the original colors of grass or trees. I used acrylic paint and painted on canvas paper. I really liked my finish piece. Rachel D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It was my first time making a clay whistle. Ive seen my brothers and thought it would be sweet to make one. I chose the character that I did because it's a very weird face and it reminds me of a fish type person with only one eye. I hope it doesn't blow up in the kiln and I can't wait to glaze my project too.

chase s.

I decided to put my clay owl whistle up as my post because I'm very proud of it. It started off kind of hard for me then it got easier. I spent a lot of time on it and had to come in before school to get it done. I liked this project because it was a bit challenging but the outcome was nice. Tessa T.

My photo I shaded is Iowa on the filed and I love Iowa and football that is why I chose this photo I don't like to shade its messy. Jake H

Ashlin H.

I chose this picture because I really liked George Seurat's idea of color and inventing the neoimpressionism. I thought it came out pretty good, I really liked the sky and how it doesn't have to be a solid blue and trees don't have to be solid green you can have red in the sky or blue in the trees. What I didn't like about my personal picture is the upclose fall colored trees. Overall I liked this picture.

I chose this project to post in the blog because I took the picture myself at one of my favorite vacation places. I enjoyed blending the different colors with dots instead of strokes and how the different colors blended together on their own. If I could go back and change anything, I would've made the reflection a little less green and a little more blue. Alex R

I like working with clay. It was fun, but it was hard. I think the hardiest party was when i had to shape the flames. The easiest part was when i put the two little holes into it. But overall the clay was fun. Austin B

I like working with clay. Sometimes it is kind of frustrating when it falls apart. I enjoyed making my pig. It was pretty easy for the most part. :) Kurtis S

This is the first graph shade in drawling I have ever done. I think I did pretty well with the shading. I had fun making this it took alone time to do this. I got this picture off the internet its a 2002 mustang smoking its tires.
Blaine S

This is the first graph shade in drawling i have ever done. I think i did pretty well with the shading. i had fun making this and thinking about how to match the pictures. This is a picture of a deer i found in a magazine.

In studio art I made a DC logo on card board. first I found A card board square. then I drew it out on the card board. Then I desided to put smaller logos inside the big dc logo. After it as drew out I Painted it. This whole project took along time and hard work into it. This was my favorite project so far. JOHN H.
This project was fun but very hard. I think I did a good job on It I hope I do this again. It looked very good before i shaded it but it looks ok now. I'm proud of my art.
Derek E

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chase D. (Freshmen) My simple Seurat dot painting with a Cherub on a wall. I found the base of the picture on the back of an issue of HM (hard Music) magazine, and changed to the bright clear blue sky in the back to a mixture of colors like a sunset.

The Wonderful Bowler By Ken Novy

I made this sketch because I thought it would be
very exciting to draw. Although It wasn't so easy.
I had many mistakes that I had to fix, but it turned out great and I love how it turned out.
Making the squares was quite confusing but I
managed. I thought the hardest part was the hat and face.

Ken N.

Blaze's Theme Poster

For this assignment we had to take a picture and make a theme poster for it. I took a picture of my guitar and amp. I decided I didn't like the amp so I cut out the guitar. For the words around it I used guitar terminology and just a whole bunch of guitar bands.
When this unit came up, I started by helping Ms. J recycle clay. I like working with my hands. I decided to make a fish off finding Nemo. Its a fish with a light, its mean and wants to eat Nemo. It was fun working with the clay. Andrew B.
This is a value drawing that i made from a picture my sister took some time back. the picture was a gray kitten sitting in a cement block with pink flowers and green leaves beneath it. this is the first time i have ever done a grid drawing as well as a value drawing. i found it became harder to shade because the kitten's coat color and cement were close to the same. I ended up making the cat slightly darker than the cement so you could see the difference. i learned that using a grid can really help you draw something because it breaks the picture down into little sections so you can work at it one piece at a time. I also found i very much enjoyed making a value drawing using a grid.
This painting is painted with acrylic paint. I painted it for my Grandma and Grandpa Hagemann. The car represents their first car they had together when they first got together. This is my first painting with acrylic paint and my first on a canvas. I enjoyed painting this for my grandparents. Amanda

Friday, October 9, 2009

Descriptive Poster

I did my descriptive poster over my dog dash. I lassoed out a picture of dash and put it on a blank document then around his picture I put a variety of words describing him in different fonts and sizes.
Drawn by
Kaitlyn G.

This was the first grid drawing I did and I am very happy how it turned out. It was tougher getting all the ridges on the arms and head of my turtle. I really liked how the shell turned out and I am pretty sure that I will do one of these drawings again.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Poster Project - Skye

For this project we had to take a picture we had taken our self and edit it to look not so much like an actual photograph. Then take a word that represents that picture and put it on the very top and very large. Then with any extra space left write at least fifty words describing that word and picture. For my project I chose a picture of my dog, Skye. Skye is my big word and I took all the words I could think of that were just so her. I like how it turned out. :)
~Jordyn V.

Monday, October 5, 2009

This was my second experince using the grid. I thin that it turned out looking good but it could have been better. I had a hard time trying to get the shadows the exact darkness.

Samantha M.

Friday, October 2, 2009

I thought this project was pretty easy. I choose this picture because I wanted to challenge myself. I will probably never sponge paint again. Tommy
I chose to draw a puppy because I love animals and my dog had puppies awhile ago. I didn't have much trouble drawing this because its not too difficult. Whitney
I decided to draw this picture because motocross is my favorite sport. It was hard but challenging at times. I never sketched in my life I don't like to free hand draw that much at all. Ivan W.
I decided to do my pencil drawing of a blues guitarist, because the roots of present day rock and metal music began with blues guitar riffs. I play guitar and one of the first things I learned was the 12 bar blues scale. I enjoyed doing this project, as I am not a big fan of painting, but I love to freehand draw. This assignment was really one of the first times I've ever really thought about shading while I was drawing, but thought it came out pretty good. Oz W.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

This picture was drawn by Sarah F. (Freshmann) I chose to draw this picture because I thought it would be fun yet chalenging. I think that the hardest part was shadeing in the Rams correctly, but I still had fun drawing it. To complete this drawing I put a grid on the original picture, drew a grid on a 12 by 18 piece of paper, and enlarged the original picture. I might do something like this again but it wasn't my faveorite style.

This piece was drawn by Sally F. (Freshman) :)

When I was searching for a picture I came across this picture and thought this girl was really pretty so I decided to go with it.
After a short time in drawing it I wasn't excited to draw it. But i did. :)

So this is my picture and I guess it turned out OK.
But it definitely could have been better.
Drawn by Alyssa J. (freshman)

I chose to draw this piece because i like drawing people and facial features. We used a grid on the original piece and made them larger on a bigger sheet of paper. I used shading and a little bit of texture on this. I shaded with a shading pencil and blending stump. I would love to do something like this again.