Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crafts- Tin Art

This was an easy project for me to do. It is a motorcycle. I got my came up with the idea because i like motorcycles. I got all the supplies from the art room. Blake K.
This was a hard project to do. We had to use different tools and tin. i mostly used pop cans and a tin can that i just cut scraps from. I liked this project when i was all done with it.
This art project was easy for me to do since I like working with metal. In this project we had to use pieces of tin to created something new. I created a dump truck out of ice trays and candy boxes. I enjoyed this project very much.

For this art project we had to find tin scraps and use our imagination to create something artsy. I created a Sail boat out of a license plate and some copper and metal scraps. This project was very fun. We also learned about the history of tin building in the US. - Molly S.

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