Friday, May 1, 2009

Crafts as a Fine Art - Moccasins

This moccasin project was fun. It was hard making them on some of the parts. The sewing was easy but putting the shoe laces in the moccasins were hard. but overall it was fun. Sydney H.

Creating Moccasins was a good and fun project but there was a few things that were hard and surprising. My moccasins do not fit my feet so i will just hang them on my wall.
Trevor T.

This moccasin project was a good challenge cause everything had to match up. The sewing was rather the hardest part of the project cause I don't really no how to sew. But this was a really fun project an mine fit me. Cody M.

On the Moccasin project we had to use leather, scissors, string, and needles. this project was rather fun and easy, anyone could do it. - Kimberly

We had to sew and cut our leather Moccasins and it was a fairly easy project. I liked it but they don't fit me so I gave them to my sister. She really liked them and so did I.- kenzee

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