Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Art 2 Folded Word

During this project we made a folded artwork. It was any word of our choice then we wrote it on the front cover. When we opened it we filled in the inside with artwork that would blend our word into the picture. This project was challenging but fun as well. For my project I drew masks and other items that fit with the drawing. It was difficult to fit everything in but I'm happy with my artwork.

For this project we had to pick out a word that we wanted and write it on the outside of our folded paper. I chose the word Bulls because the Chicago Bulls are my favorite NBA basketball team. On the inside of my paper I turned the U's into bulls horns, the L's into a referees arms and a backboard of a hoop. This was a fun but very difficult project for me. I had to think a lot about what I was going to turn the letters into. Jay D.

In this project we made a word the folded out. Seeing as how I love to draw and love cartooning I filled the inside with some of my "Characters". Several of the cartoons inside(such as the Easter Island head and the shark) are my more common characters. I like the way this project turned out -Devon E.

In this project we had to pick a word and unfold it and draw what it stands for on the inside so you cant see the letters. i enjoyed this project because it didn't include painting. It was fun coloring with colored pencils. - Joe

When Ms. J said that we were going to do a doodle project, i got so excited!! so i picked my front word as 'vision' and just doodled in the inside. It turned out really sweet. This was one of my favorite projects. :) Olyvia

My theme was summer, because that is when my birthday is and I love summer. It includes many summer things like flowers, movies, and animals.-Stefanie

My Project was the theme of Iowa Hawkeyes and all of the sports that they played, like wrestling, football, baseball, and basketball. Also Iowa is hidden in the picture to the left and the right. -Aaron

When I started this project I wanted a word that could easily generate other words out of that one word. Water was a very simple word I thought. I used many things from the ocean, beach, and lakes. All of these things are found in the water though. Overall I liked this project because it made you think and it was very creative as well. --Heather

My folded word is everything cool. Based off you an internet video series i used one of the signature catch phrases from the series, "So Ace." I think it looks pretty good. - Cody Robinson

When Ms. J said we were going to start this project I thought this isn't going to be very fun. But I did have fun though doing this. I like how I have really bright colors. This project kinda represents my personality. I really like this and I hope you do too.-kenzee

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Ronda Sternhagen said...

I love the idea of illustrating a word. You've done a really nice job! I teach this same lesson to my Drawing students in Grundy Center and I always have them do their name. Keep up the good work!
Mrs. Sternhagen-GCMS/HS Art Teacher