Thursday, May 14, 2009

Artist Trading Cards

Ms. J gave a project where we could trade our art work with others. I did not want to trade because I did not want to give mine away. I like this project alot. In this project you could use any thing to make it.- John H.

I really liked this assignment I did alot of these for being gone and I liked them alot. This one was my favorite because I liked all the bright colors and the different shapes. My Favorite part about this assignment was to see all the different cards people could come up with. - Noah M.

I really enjoyed doing this project. Ms. Johnson gave us a wide variety of choices with this project. You could use colored pencils, paint, anything you wanted. My favorite part about this project was when we were all done we traded with each other. - LEVI W.

For this project we first had to get a small 2.5 by 3.5 piece of paper. Then we decided what we wanted to do to them. I wanted to use a sharpie. After everyone had theirs done we traded them. I like this project because i was easy for everyone to show their own style. - Alex B.

This was one of my favorite projects that we did this year. You could use paint or color pencils it gave you the chance to make something new and show what you could do. - Kurt M.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

painting class - canvas painting

When I was given this project I was given the biggest canvas in the class. I decided to paint my barn. I first started with the clouds. I moved on to the grass mixing two different kinds of greens and a gold yellow. I started to paint my barn with red and gray. I took the most time with my tree. I mixed many different kinds of brown and green. The weeds under the tree was mixed with two tones of brown and white. I was planning to give this painting to my Grandma.

When given this project we had to choose a canvas size that we wanted to paint on. I wanted to do the smallest size which meant that I had to do two small canvases. I was browsing other artists paintings when I found paintings of these little "people" and I really wanted to recreate them. Since I was doing two I wanted them to look alike, but still be opposites when I was done. I used metallic paint for the swirls and then used the opposite color that the other painting had to paint the background. I really liked painting these and I can't wait to hang them up in my room.

For this project, we had to paint on canvas. I like it a lot better than painting on paper because if it streaks, it isn't as noticeable. The people I painted were Cody Austin and me. I like how the shading on the clothing turned out, but I am disappointed that the faces don't look more like ours. Maddie

When painting this, I tried to give it a more geometric theme. I was trying to make a painting that had looked like an Aztec design. I chose to make the two opposing colors in order to balance it and draw attention to the center, where the colors contrast the most. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. -Devon E.

This painting is something I had to do because I feel landscapes are my best subject. It had a few white spots that were hard to fill but evantually i got them covered. I am pretty happy with the way this painting turned out. - Sam S.

This canvas painting project was a lot of fun for me because I got to paint on something bigger then usual. What I decided to paint was a collage of different things from Las Vegas. I used a lot of metallic paints to show the sparkle of the lights in Las Vegas. My favorite part of the painting would have to be the dice because they have a very 3D look to them and I love the shading. The hardest part of this painting was painting the background because it took so much paint and it was hard to cover up the white spots. But in the end I am very happy with this painting. - Danielle F.

For this assignment we got to pick a photo of our choice and transfer it to the canvas. For mine I chose to paint the church and the San Jose Mission in San Jose, Texas. It was so pretty I just couldn't resist. I think it turned out very wonderful. I wish the garden would have turned out a bit different but, oh well. I still think it looks pretty cool. :] ~ Jordyn V.

I call this Le Frog MonJet. It is a french rain forest frog . I used these colors because they are bold and beautiful. Let me point out that there are currently no rain forests in france, but someday there will be and rest assured, this frog will be in it. I hope you enjoy this canvas painting. -HailieAnn Marie M.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Studio Art - Dine Inspiration

This is an abstract painting I did on canvas. It started out as a landscape painting and it just wasn't looking the way I wanted it to. Then my teacher showed me some pictures of some abstract paintings and I had always been interested in it so I decided to give it a try. When I got done it was very colorful but just kind of plain. It needed something. My teacher then showed me some work by an artist named Jim Dine, who would put hearts in alot of his painting. Sometimes you could see them and sometimes they would blend in a little. So I put a heart in my painting. I didn't want it to be solid so I just used a stencil and kind of just brushed it on, making a stripe look. I really like this painting. Keirston J.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crafts- Tin Art

This was an easy project for me to do. It is a motorcycle. I got my came up with the idea because i like motorcycles. I got all the supplies from the art room. Blake K.
This was a hard project to do. We had to use different tools and tin. i mostly used pop cans and a tin can that i just cut scraps from. I liked this project when i was all done with it.
This art project was easy for me to do since I like working with metal. In this project we had to use pieces of tin to created something new. I created a dump truck out of ice trays and candy boxes. I enjoyed this project very much.

For this art project we had to find tin scraps and use our imagination to create something artsy. I created a Sail boat out of a license plate and some copper and metal scraps. This project was very fun. We also learned about the history of tin building in the US. - Molly S.

Art 2 Mixed Media

This is a mixed media picture of the beach. My inspiration for this picture was a spring break trip to Aruba, so I tried to draw what I saw. At first we got a picture off the internet and glued it to a white piece of paper. We then had to use black marker, paint, and colored pencils to fill in our project. This project was very fun and I enjoyed working on it.
Molly S.

Magazine Cover - Jake

Art 2 Folded Word

During this project we made a folded artwork. It was any word of our choice then we wrote it on the front cover. When we opened it we filled in the inside with artwork that would blend our word into the picture. This project was challenging but fun as well. For my project I drew masks and other items that fit with the drawing. It was difficult to fit everything in but I'm happy with my artwork.

For this project we had to pick out a word that we wanted and write it on the outside of our folded paper. I chose the word Bulls because the Chicago Bulls are my favorite NBA basketball team. On the inside of my paper I turned the U's into bulls horns, the L's into a referees arms and a backboard of a hoop. This was a fun but very difficult project for me. I had to think a lot about what I was going to turn the letters into. Jay D.

In this project we made a word the folded out. Seeing as how I love to draw and love cartooning I filled the inside with some of my "Characters". Several of the cartoons inside(such as the Easter Island head and the shark) are my more common characters. I like the way this project turned out -Devon E.

In this project we had to pick a word and unfold it and draw what it stands for on the inside so you cant see the letters. i enjoyed this project because it didn't include painting. It was fun coloring with colored pencils. - Joe

When Ms. J said that we were going to do a doodle project, i got so excited!! so i picked my front word as 'vision' and just doodled in the inside. It turned out really sweet. This was one of my favorite projects. :) Olyvia

My theme was summer, because that is when my birthday is and I love summer. It includes many summer things like flowers, movies, and animals.-Stefanie

My Project was the theme of Iowa Hawkeyes and all of the sports that they played, like wrestling, football, baseball, and basketball. Also Iowa is hidden in the picture to the left and the right. -Aaron

When I started this project I wanted a word that could easily generate other words out of that one word. Water was a very simple word I thought. I used many things from the ocean, beach, and lakes. All of these things are found in the water though. Overall I liked this project because it made you think and it was very creative as well. --Heather

My folded word is everything cool. Based off you an internet video series i used one of the signature catch phrases from the series, "So Ace." I think it looks pretty good. - Cody Robinson

When Ms. J said we were going to start this project I thought this isn't going to be very fun. But I did have fun though doing this. I like how I have really bright colors. This project kinda represents my personality. I really like this and I hope you do too.-kenzee

Friday, May 1, 2009

Crafts as a Fine Art - Moccasins

This moccasin project was fun. It was hard making them on some of the parts. The sewing was easy but putting the shoe laces in the moccasins were hard. but overall it was fun. Sydney H.

Creating Moccasins was a good and fun project but there was a few things that were hard and surprising. My moccasins do not fit my feet so i will just hang them on my wall.
Trevor T.

This moccasin project was a good challenge cause everything had to match up. The sewing was rather the hardest part of the project cause I don't really no how to sew. But this was a really fun project an mine fit me. Cody M.

On the Moccasin project we had to use leather, scissors, string, and needles. this project was rather fun and easy, anyone could do it. - Kimberly

We had to sew and cut our leather Moccasins and it was a fairly easy project. I liked it but they don't fit me so I gave them to my sister. She really liked them and so did I.- kenzee