Friday, March 6, 2009

Painting - Canvas Panels

For this painting, we got to choose something to paint onto canvas and I chose a rose because I love roses. I started out with the one red flower and then I decided that the canvas was too empty. So I added the purple flowers and it made the painting look more complete. I liked mixing the colors and finding different shades to bring out certain parts of the flowers.
Maddie =)
For this project we got to paint a topic of our choice. To paint this pictures we used Acrylic paint. For my topic I chose to paint a picture of me and my dog Skye. I like the way it turned out very much. Although I had a though time with the shading on my face I think it turned out alright. Jordyn V. :]

To paint my picture I used acrylic paint and we got to decide on our own topic to paint. I chose a water landscape to paint because I am a big fan of landscape paintings. I really enjoyed working on this painting and making it stand out. Although, the hardest part of my painting was painting the waves because I had to create many layers to make them look real. Danielle F.

In this painting I used acrylic paint and when searching for a topic I picked an eye. The reason for this is mainly because eyes stand out to me as a defining feature on someones face. I couldn't just leave a plain eye on a sheet of paper with nothing around it. I wanted something that would make the eye stand out as the main part of the painting so thats why I choose to put the eye peeking through a keyhole on a door. Blending was probably the hardest part about this painting project, but the wooden door surrounding the keyhole was the most I had to use blending on in this painting. Justin K.

This painting was one of my best works by far. I decided that painting landscapes was my greatest strength. I am most proud of the sky, it took alot of work to get that just right. Sam

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