Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Crafts as a Fine Art - Portrait Cut Out

This project was alot easier than I thought. I did my picture of Tupac because i like Tupac and his music. It was a lot of fun.
Blake K.

I liked doing this project a lot. The project turned out to be more easy than I thought. My picture was a picture of an actor. I used three pieces of different colored paper. I thought this project was fun and i liked it. Rachel D
I did this project in crafts class. At first we all thought this project was going to be very had, but it turned out to be really relaxing and fun. We took a picture and then we had to blow it up, draw it, and then cut various lines to look how it does. In my picture is Barack Obama. The background is gold, because gold to me represents royalty and he is royalty. This cut out project was very enjoyable. Molly S.
This is a project I did in art class. It's called a portrait cut out. I cut out a picture of me and my two friends on a trip to Chicago. I used a green and yellow paper to put under my black cut out.
-Sydney H.

When Miss. J told us about this project I thought " oh yay " and I was excited for it. At first it looked easy but come to find out not so much. The hardest part was the cutting, not even drawing and I am not so good at that, but you had to make sure you didn't cut the wrong pieces out. My cut out is of Hallie Williams. I had fun working on this project. Kenzee

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