Friday, January 30, 2009

Nylon Sculptures - Art 2

These sculptures are made of a clothes hanger, panty hose and a wood block base. They painted the nylon surface with latex paint to give stability to the form. Students were to find a theme from the shape of their bent wire and embellish the surface. Miss J

I had a very fun time with this projects. It was one of my favorites. I Looked at my sculpture and the first thing i saw was a roller coaster, so I decided to go with a carnival theme. I used a lot of various colors with some old electrical wire to complete this project. Levi Wolfensperger

My nylon sculpture was based on starry night. It was very unique and it had very different colors. I was happy with my project but i could have done better. Noah m.

My nylon sculpture was very unique it had very diffrent colors and shapes. I put glass on my nylon sculpture to add color to my project. It went from dark colors to light colors back to dark colors. My nylon sculpture also went form small shapes to larger shapes. I was happy with my project and how it turned out in the finish. Aaron W.

I liked the nylon sculpture project but it was difficult. The most difficult part was deciding what the nylon looked like and what to make it into. After thinking about it for awhile and talking to some people I finally decided on a ram. After I painted it and my project was finished I thought that it looked good and I was happy with my work. Jay D.

The nylon sculpture was a very different project that I liked a lot. It was very unique. My idea for the nylon sculpture was a view from the ground up to the sky. I think my colors and 3-D items on my sculpture were very unique as well. -Heather F.

I think that the nylon sculpture was one of my favorite projects in Art II so far! I actually had a dream about what my sculpture would look like, but it turned out completely different. Olyvia

I had fun making the nylon projects. I did not like touching the panties, but now there is paint on it, it is ok to touch. I got my idea from asking friends at my table what my sculpture looked like. They said it looked like a fish, so I thought of kinds of fish. I thought of Nemo and clown fish. I added foil as the fins. I put a small fin on one side like on the movie Finding Nemo. I put glass on the bottom to look like splashing water, I also added a little white paint to look like splashing water. I had lots of fun making this project, I thought I did well on it. John Hora......

I picked this theme because I like patriotic things. The eagle is what represents America and so I added feathers. The stained glass adds color and makes it stand out more. I like the idea of Nationalism and being free.

When I first started out i was thinking something unusual and unique. I did have and outcome of that, but it wasn't what I had in mind. I started with just a few leafs and ribbon and then I saw the flowers, and I thought I need to have those. So I added them and I produced what you see. This was pry my favorite project yet. I like my product and I hope you do to. Kenzee

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

7th Grade Word Portraits

We started by taking photos of the students in a pose, preferably showing movement or their arms away from hugging their body. While Miss J transfered the photos to outlines in Photoshop, we made lists of words that described ourselves.  Getting suggestions from our friends and looking through the Thesaurus helped increase the length of our list.  Then we traced our outline onto a blank sheet with pencil and started filling in areas with our descriptive words.  Next,  we outlined all the pencil lines with a fine tipped black marker and finally erased the pencil lines.  This was a fun project.  Click on a profile to see it enlarged.