Thursday, December 18, 2008

marilyn monroe

This is a picture I drew of Marilyn Monroe. The contrasting I did turned out better than my previous projects I did so I am proud of that. I am disappointed because I think that it could have looked more like the actual Marilyn Monroe. If I had spent a little more time on it I might have gotten that to happen. But overall, I like what it looks like.


Pastel Face - Art 1

I think this project was fun because you get to draw what you want to. I like working with pastels because you can smear the color around with your finger or something else. I think this is the best type of project so far. The worst thing I hate about this project was shading. Kevin Whitnabel

Growing up on the beach- Studio Art

I did this canvas acrylic painting in Studio Art. It is a 2 foot by 3 foot painting of my twin sister and I when we were younger. The reason I chose this picture to paint was because my sister and I are getting older and this is a nice and exciting memory in both of our lives. Being on the beach was one of our past times. The reason i chose a pink and purple swimsuit was because my favorite color is purple, and my sister's favorite color is pink. I enjoyed this project because I love to work with acrylic paint and this was a very fun subject for me. -Heather F.

Semester Test - Art 1

I like this project because I worked hard on it. Even though you might not get what it really is at first, I like the idea that people have to look at it hard to figure it out. I really like sketching other objects so this was difficult because I didn't understand it until I was completely done with it, but I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stamp art/drawing

In this project we had to use stamps to make are picture. It took a long time do do it but it was very fun. we had to show different values of color in it form dark to lights. I hope to do this again sometime.

I got my idea from a magazine. I liked doing this project alot. The hardest part of this project was finding the stamps and making the picture look like it had value in it. Rachel

Wreath - Studio Art

I was sitting in art class thinking of a new project idea when i started thinking about what in the world i can give people for Christmas, so i started thinking of Christmasy stuff and bingo! wreath idea! but i didn't want a traditional pine wreath, i wanted to use scraps and collage materials to make something a little more modern. I made this wreath out of wood scraps, fake leaves, beads and silk flowers. I debated on whether or not to spray paint it solid silver or gold but ultimately decided to keep it the way it was, i like the textures and colors of the small items glued around the edges. -Sarah

Peaceful Night - Studio Art

I got the idea to do this watercolor painting by looking at other students watercolor painting. It inspired me to try to paint a beautiful landscape. I hope this watercolor painting has inspired you. This painting was created by Jordyn.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mixed Media - Art 1

I'm trying to influence the students to think out of the box. We worked on the mixed media idea by first listing words/places/objects that inspire us. Then we picked, out of those items, things we could visualize and made quick thumbnail sketches of them. Then the idea was to bring these ideas from words and sketches together to create an artwork using at least 3 different media.
My artwork started with the idea of a dress hanging on a hanger. I imagined a ball gown that didn't get to go to the ball, but had to stay home. I've always liked angel wings and though of those hanging in the air behind the formal. My mixed media include: pencil, colored pencil, magazine pages, acrylic paint, tempera paint, feathers and glitter glue. It was fun to take a break and do a project along with the students. Miss J.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Scratch Art-Drawing

For this project we had to use a scratching tool on a black piece of scratching paper. I choose to do a lion so I could show the fur and textures. This project was difficult because it was hard to get all of the different textures. I really liked doing this project. Jenna

During this project we were handed a black piece of scratching paper along with a sharp edge cutter and were told to scratch a picture. I choose to scratch a picture of two deer next to each other eating grass. This project was fairly hard and seemed to take quit a while. It got EXTREMELY frustrating after a while of struggling. Of course i eventually finished it and am very proud of how it turned out. Over all this was a very good project.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clay Whistles - Art 1

This is my whistle I made of an elephant. When I first began on this project I intended on making a baseball with a bat sticking through it but when i looked at it I seen the image of an elephant and went on to add the ears, tusks, and eyes. We painted with acyllic paint which i didn't like very much because you could see my strokes. But all in all it was a fun project and I enjoyed it.
-Joe K.
This is a whistel i made out of clay. It was very difficult to get the whistle to work. We then painted it using acryllic paint. I liked this project because it was a challenge

I got the idea of a seahorse from a drawing book that I looked at last year. I noticed that the whistle looked exactly like the head of the seahorse in the book. I loved doing this project too. Sometimes it was a challenge though. While I was making to body I couldn't get the neck to stay up, it kept bending toward the body.
-Chelsea M.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Studio Art Project 4

For one of my studio art projects I decided to do another acrylic canvas painting. I had done one acrylic canvas painting already this semester so I decided to put a little twist on this project, I would use only my fingers. In the past I have used my fingers along with brushes but I have never done a complete canvas painting using ONLY my fingers. It was a fun project although I did get frustrated sometimes when it came to the smaller details. All in all I definitely would like to do another project like this.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tape Sculptures - 3-D Art

This is my tape sculpture. My love for football and the Green Bay Packers inspired me to do this. This is accomplished by taping multiple layers over the helmet, then cut tape off in sections and resemble to create things like this.

I did my project as a violin because I am learning to play it and because I thought it would look good. That is why I did my violin. I had to use a lot of tape to cover the violin and then I cut it off and tapped it back together. -Trevor Molnar
I did my legs overlapping because I saw some pictures on another site and I thought it was cool. That is why I did the legs. We had to use plastic wrap and then go over it with clear tape. -Breanna M.

In 3-D Art we made tape sculptures. We had to choose a topic to wrap in saran wrap, then wrap about 3 layers of tape around the saran wrap. I chose to do a chair. The legs were the hardest part because they were so skinny. I also put some stars on the chair, because i like stars. I chose purple because it is my favorite color. This project was different and a lot of fun. -Heather F.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Pastel Gesture Drawings - Drawing

For the pastel gesture drawing we had models that came to the room and we had a few sheets of paper and we drew them with marker. I had a few different poses I couldn't choose between. So, I chose this one of Jacob. My favorite part would be the shirt or the background. Kimberly A.

For this project our class had some models come down from study hall. We drew them in many different poses, and after we had them all drawn we picked our favorites. The last thing we had to do was add pastel. We had to mix different colors so we could show contrast and shadows. Overall this was a fun project.
Alex B.

I started this project by practicing gesture drawings in class. Eventually models from study hall came down to class and began posing as our class drew four or five different poses. After completing the drawings, I chose my favorite pose. The next step was adding pastels. I combined multiple colors to show contrast and definition. I really enjoyed this project because it didn't involve having to be a perfectionist. --Katie H.