Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tape Sculptures - 3-D Art

This is my tape sculpture. My love for football and the Green Bay Packers inspired me to do this. This is accomplished by taping multiple layers over the helmet, then cut tape off in sections and resemble to create things like this.

I did my project as a violin because I am learning to play it and because I thought it would look good. That is why I did my violin. I had to use a lot of tape to cover the violin and then I cut it off and tapped it back together. -Trevor Molnar
I did my legs overlapping because I saw some pictures on another site and I thought it was cool. That is why I did the legs. We had to use plastic wrap and then go over it with clear tape. -Breanna M.

In 3-D Art we made tape sculptures. We had to choose a topic to wrap in saran wrap, then wrap about 3 layers of tape around the saran wrap. I chose to do a chair. The legs were the hardest part because they were so skinny. I also put some stars on the chair, because i like stars. I chose purple because it is my favorite color. This project was different and a lot of fun. -Heather F.

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