Monday, December 1, 2008

Pastel Gesture Drawings - Drawing

For the pastel gesture drawing we had models that came to the room and we had a few sheets of paper and we drew them with marker. I had a few different poses I couldn't choose between. So, I chose this one of Jacob. My favorite part would be the shirt or the background. Kimberly A.

For this project our class had some models come down from study hall. We drew them in many different poses, and after we had them all drawn we picked our favorites. The last thing we had to do was add pastel. We had to mix different colors so we could show contrast and shadows. Overall this was a fun project.
Alex B.

I started this project by practicing gesture drawings in class. Eventually models from study hall came down to class and began posing as our class drew four or five different poses. After completing the drawings, I chose my favorite pose. The next step was adding pastels. I combined multiple colors to show contrast and definition. I really enjoyed this project because it didn't involve having to be a perfectionist. --Katie H.

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