Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mixed Media - Art 1

I'm trying to influence the students to think out of the box. We worked on the mixed media idea by first listing words/places/objects that inspire us. Then we picked, out of those items, things we could visualize and made quick thumbnail sketches of them. Then the idea was to bring these ideas from words and sketches together to create an artwork using at least 3 different media.
My artwork started with the idea of a dress hanging on a hanger. I imagined a ball gown that didn't get to go to the ball, but had to stay home. I've always liked angel wings and though of those hanging in the air behind the formal. My mixed media include: pencil, colored pencil, magazine pages, acrylic paint, tempera paint, feathers and glitter glue. It was fun to take a break and do a project along with the students. Miss J.

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Ronda Sternhagen said...

This is a very moving piece for me. Having a daughter that died, it makes me feel as if this is her dress (perhaps for prom or her wedding that we'll never get to enjoy). Isn't it wonderful how art can evoke such strong emotions and tell different stories for different people? Good work, Miss J!