Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clay Whistles - Art 1

This is my whistle I made of an elephant. When I first began on this project I intended on making a baseball with a bat sticking through it but when i looked at it I seen the image of an elephant and went on to add the ears, tusks, and eyes. We painted with acyllic paint which i didn't like very much because you could see my strokes. But all in all it was a fun project and I enjoyed it.
-Joe K.
This is a whistel i made out of clay. It was very difficult to get the whistle to work. We then painted it using acryllic paint. I liked this project because it was a challenge

I got the idea of a seahorse from a drawing book that I looked at last year. I noticed that the whistle looked exactly like the head of the seahorse in the book. I loved doing this project too. Sometimes it was a challenge though. While I was making to body I couldn't get the neck to stay up, it kept bending toward the body.
-Chelsea M.

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