Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Watercolor Grid - Art 1

When I was brainstorming for my ideas, I had a friend give me a couple and this is a result of it. My watercolor project is of a sun in a box. It took a while to get all the detail in. It also took awhile to find colors that were not the same, to put by each other. I liked this project because it challenged me and it made me explore something different! - Kenzee G.
I get to learn how to use water colors and it was to use them and make different colors and paint what I drew. Danny L.

My watercolor picture has food in it because the day i was brainstorming ideas for what to do i guess i was hungry! It has some of my favorite foods in it like chocolate, strawberries, and whipped cream. The mountains were hard to paint because they took awhile to get different colors that weren't out of the watercolor palette i used. I liked this project because we could do pretty much anything we wanted and it was colorful! :] - Rachel R.

For our watercolor grid pictures we had to create a picture that was unrealistic and kind of real at the same time. For my picture, i chose to paint the M&M characters floating on Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. They are floating over a valley with clouds in the sky. I chose shades of green and brown for the ground. For the sky i chose shades of lighter green, blue, and purple. For the clouds i chose shades of gray and white. For the M&M's i chose shades of green, red, orange, and yellow. I liked this project and i liked how mine turned out:D -- Micheala R.

My watercolor picture shows an eye crying into a creek of tears. The trees trunks are fingers. I thought this project was a lot of fun because you got to fill each square with different colors and it turns out looking really good. The thing i didn't like about this project was that it took a lot of time. Over all i thought this project was really fun and my finished project turned out well!
-Britni N.

This watercolor project was one of my favorite projects. This project took a long time, and lots patience. My picture is a ping-pong table in the clouds. I loved the way the project turned out. You have to blend many colors, in this project. This was one of my favorite project.
-John H.

I chose to have a cat in my pic. because I have two cats and one is orange. I found it to be a lot more easy to make by using little boxes.
-Shane K.

In this project we had to come up with a scene that was real but still unrealistic at the same time. Then draw a grid on top of that. When we painted it every time we came to a new pencil line we were to switch colors. In my painting I combined an underwater scene with the solar system in the sky. I love to paint so this was a really fun project for me. Jordyn V. :]

This is my water color painting. It is a movie theater with a waterfall on the screen and the water is coming out of the screen and into the movie theater. I like this picture because it took me a long time to do it and I like that the seats are all different colors. -Austin H

I got this idea from looking at box-elder bugs in my kitchen, they are so colorful, and I love the rain so it worked out pretty good.- Stefanie W.
I got my idea from looking at a painting of a ship on an ocean. I put the boat in a sink and I made big waves. I like some of the tones in my water and I like how it turned out. The hardest thing was staying in the grid.
I think that the little squares did not look the best because of the colors all looking the same. But I still thought that it was pretty good.- Derek K.
I got the idea for this painting from a friend. Using the grids made it easier for me to paint, and it was fun. -Zach PW

This is a picture of the world, the moon, and to the very left there is a giant red skittle.
We had to think of something random to draw, then paint, so i figured this would be alright.
It took a very long time because you had to draw it out, then put the one inch grid on top of it and finally water color the painting. The water color took a very long time because it kept bleeding into my other squares and then you had one big mess you needed to fix. Over all i enjoyed this project and think everyone should make one.:) Molly S.

When we started this project, I actually figured it'd be easy. It wasn't. First thing we did was came up with an idea that we could draw and eventually color with watercolor paint. Then, we had to draw it on a large piece of paper and put a 1 inch by 1 inch grid other the whole drawing. In every grid you had change your color scheme. As I started, I always out of habit painted the boxes right next to each other. But since it was watercolors, they kept bleeding together and then the light colors would be half dark and half light. It was really frustrating because then I'd have to make the paint brush really dry and actually bring up some of the color. It'd still be a little dark so I spread it throughout the small square. It was difficult trying to make different colors all the time. I made probably 20 shades of purple and used them over and over. Brown was the difficult color to make different shades of. I finally got done and I accidently spilled water on my painting so the colors bled together. But by that time, I had worked on it for 4 hours and I was tired ot fixing so I just left it. It was fun but also pretty difficult if you have no idea what what your doing (like me). But people should definately give it a try sometime ///^ -Kailee S.

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What is the lesson plan for this one? It looks great. We are working with watercolor paints right now, and may want to try this one.