Thursday, October 23, 2008

Altered Book Page - Art 1

This project was making an altered book page and I liked it a lot because I was able to use my creativity. What we had to do was take a page from a book, take different words from around the page and make them into a sentence. My sentence was, The Caribbean water looked as if it was glass, So my theme was the Caribbean water. I cut out some pictures from some travel magazines, got some seashells and some sand and arranged them on the page. I thought this project was kind of tough because you had to use the words on the page, but once I found a good sentence and put some ideas together it was a pretty fun project.
- Jay

I got a 3rd place ribbon on this project.I just started drawing stuff an this is what i came up with. i was very surprised that i got a ribbon. wes

I got inspaerd by starwars the word are wies and smert .

We had to find a new sentence or word grouping on a page out of a book by circling words. Students were then to use those words to portray the theme of those words using mixed media.
The words I found are "ignored, held up in the human mind, please notice the light". I used warm tones of tempera and acrylic paint to cover the words I didn't want to focus on. To complement the torn strips of the face I added some shading with pencil and completed the eye with colored pencils and a black marker. I mounted the work on torn tag board to give it stability and add a framing effect. - Miss Johnson
My sentence for my altered book page is 'the Texas Star exploded near the stone wall.' I liked this sentence because I was able to make and use many different shapes to portray the sentence. I pretty much just drew what was in the sentence because I thought that was the best way to do it. I used a cut out star with peices missing with glue added to it, which made it look like the star was exploding. What I really liked about my picture was how every time i look at it i can picture it actually happening. - J.D.

My sentence for my altered page is 'no one outside her own silent world could ever quite comprehend.' I liked this sentence because I could use so many different pictures to portray the sentence. I ended up using a fairy tale theme, so it seemed like her own little world was her kingdom. I used cut out stars and sequin stars as on the sky, and the glue kind of added to it, it made it look like the milky way. What I really like about my picture is that I think about the sentence in a different way every time. - Missy
For this project i made used a book page and found a sentence using words on the page. My sentence reads "The dedicated shoulders of a man can be red hot." I took my inspiration to make the piece from the words red hot. -Taylor

For this project we had to go through a chapter book page and find words that makes a saying. My saying was " she smiled, his grin, his eyes, asking if she wanted to get married." I liked this project because you had to use your imagination and find a saying then add art to the saying. This was a very good project and love to have done it again! --Jalen

I made this project by taking a book page and finding a sentence out of the words. Then I took sharpys and colored it. I like this project. I liked it because it was different. i liked adding on sparkels. It made it pretty. --John H.

I made this project by taking a book page and finding a sentence out of the words. I took pastels and colored the page so it looks sand and put blue on the outside as water so it would look like a beach. I put the lightning in and put glass pieces so it would be like the lightning is making glass out of the sand. I then cut out some tag board and glued it to the back of the page and I was then done. Luke M.

We had to find a sentence made of any words in an old book page. My sentence was The old lighthouse presented absolute freedom and confidence. I put a lighthouse in the background and put ribbon around my words. I used a magazine page for the border and smashed pieces of glass surrounding it. I then put tag board on the outside of it for stability. -Taylor D

This project was to find a sentence from a book page, and then create a piece of artwork that would decide the sentence we choose. My sentence was "The Chandler became glowing balls, flashing bold and bight. A dim figure screams, and blood spreading glossy red." I enjoyed working on this project and using different things to create something that was Representative of what i choose. It has a painted back round, with ribbon weaved into the page. And feathers attached randomly, chandeliers and pearls too.

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