Friday, October 10, 2008

Abstract Wood Faces/Masks - 3-D Art

These wood assemblages gave the students the opportunity to brainstorm and salvage previously useful wood pieces into a new work of art. Given the subject matter of a face or mask, students created the interesting pieces below. Minimum painting was allowed so the wood could speak for itself. They drilled, screwed, nailed, and torched to get the right arrangement.

This project was done in 3-D Art. We looked through a bunch of scrap wood in the art room and assembled them together to look like a face. It wasn't supposed to look like an exact face. It was to be random and somewhat odd looking. The thing I liked most about this project was all the possibilities you could have. The thing I disliked the most was hammering all the pieces together, because the wood would split all the time! Overall this was a decent project and I learned a lot! ~Heather

I like to work with my hands and I think I did a pretty good job. I torched some of the wood at home and brought it in for the class to use. It surprised me that some people don't know how to use tools. This wood sculpture is to resemble my brother Greg when he had his French like mustache. - Trevor

This project I think I did well on. I had some trouble with the nails breaking and the hammer wouldn't do what I wanted it to do at times. My favorite parts are the actual bark from the tree and the nose. - Kim A.

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