Friday, October 31, 2008

Gestural Drawings - Art 1

Two field experience students from UNI, Ms. Whitney and Ms. Williams, did a gestural drawing lesson with the students on their last day in the Denver art room. The students tried to show their free spirit by drawing with pastels and charcoal on the end of a dowel stick. They were given different assignments to draw including closing their eyes and drawing from memory! We filled the room with activity.

Folded Books - 7th grade

Artists: Miranda, James, Marley

Artists: Bailey, Nathan P., Kenny.

These books fold into a square 3" square. The students had to write a quote and illustrate their pages.

Jasper Johns Style Painting - 7th grade

Students had fun exploring painting in the style of artist Jasper Johns. Each painting is 18 x 24 " large.Artists: Kenny, Bailey, Renae, Marley, Shelby , Jake
Artists: Courtney, Miranda F., James S., Joey R. Brayden S., Nathan P.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Perspective - Drawing

In class views of students working on 2 pt. perspective drawings.

Self Portraits - 7th Exploratory

Students drew the self portraits using a grid. They then took that drawing and added oil pastels to it, focusing on 3 colors: a base tone, highlight and shadow color. They had fun using the bright colors.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Altered Book Page - Art 1

This project was making an altered book page and I liked it a lot because I was able to use my creativity. What we had to do was take a page from a book, take different words from around the page and make them into a sentence. My sentence was, The Caribbean water looked as if it was glass, So my theme was the Caribbean water. I cut out some pictures from some travel magazines, got some seashells and some sand and arranged them on the page. I thought this project was kind of tough because you had to use the words on the page, but once I found a good sentence and put some ideas together it was a pretty fun project.
- Jay

I got a 3rd place ribbon on this project.I just started drawing stuff an this is what i came up with. i was very surprised that i got a ribbon. wes

I got inspaerd by starwars the word are wies and smert .

We had to find a new sentence or word grouping on a page out of a book by circling words. Students were then to use those words to portray the theme of those words using mixed media.
The words I found are "ignored, held up in the human mind, please notice the light". I used warm tones of tempera and acrylic paint to cover the words I didn't want to focus on. To complement the torn strips of the face I added some shading with pencil and completed the eye with colored pencils and a black marker. I mounted the work on torn tag board to give it stability and add a framing effect. - Miss Johnson
My sentence for my altered book page is 'the Texas Star exploded near the stone wall.' I liked this sentence because I was able to make and use many different shapes to portray the sentence. I pretty much just drew what was in the sentence because I thought that was the best way to do it. I used a cut out star with peices missing with glue added to it, which made it look like the star was exploding. What I really liked about my picture was how every time i look at it i can picture it actually happening. - J.D.

My sentence for my altered page is 'no one outside her own silent world could ever quite comprehend.' I liked this sentence because I could use so many different pictures to portray the sentence. I ended up using a fairy tale theme, so it seemed like her own little world was her kingdom. I used cut out stars and sequin stars as on the sky, and the glue kind of added to it, it made it look like the milky way. What I really like about my picture is that I think about the sentence in a different way every time. - Missy
For this project i made used a book page and found a sentence using words on the page. My sentence reads "The dedicated shoulders of a man can be red hot." I took my inspiration to make the piece from the words red hot. -Taylor

For this project we had to go through a chapter book page and find words that makes a saying. My saying was " she smiled, his grin, his eyes, asking if she wanted to get married." I liked this project because you had to use your imagination and find a saying then add art to the saying. This was a very good project and love to have done it again! --Jalen

I made this project by taking a book page and finding a sentence out of the words. Then I took sharpys and colored it. I like this project. I liked it because it was different. i liked adding on sparkels. It made it pretty. --John H.

I made this project by taking a book page and finding a sentence out of the words. I took pastels and colored the page so it looks sand and put blue on the outside as water so it would look like a beach. I put the lightning in and put glass pieces so it would be like the lightning is making glass out of the sand. I then cut out some tag board and glued it to the back of the page and I was then done. Luke M.

We had to find a sentence made of any words in an old book page. My sentence was The old lighthouse presented absolute freedom and confidence. I put a lighthouse in the background and put ribbon around my words. I used a magazine page for the border and smashed pieces of glass surrounding it. I then put tag board on the outside of it for stability. -Taylor D

This project was to find a sentence from a book page, and then create a piece of artwork that would decide the sentence we choose. My sentence was "The Chandler became glowing balls, flashing bold and bight. A dim figure screams, and blood spreading glossy red." I enjoyed working on this project and using different things to create something that was Representative of what i choose. It has a painted back round, with ribbon weaved into the page. And feathers attached randomly, chandeliers and pearls too.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Britney Spears Drawing - Studio Art

I chose to draw Britney because I've always been a fan of her and I also have never drawn a celebrity. I saw in the original picture her boots popped out and thought it would be neat to leave everything in black and white except the boots. I used many different colors of red prisma colored pencils. They blend really nice and I think the boots turned out really well. I'd say the boots are probably my favorite part of the drawing.
Ryan J.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Abstract Wood Faces/Masks - 3-D Art

These wood assemblages gave the students the opportunity to brainstorm and salvage previously useful wood pieces into a new work of art. Given the subject matter of a face or mask, students created the interesting pieces below. Minimum painting was allowed so the wood could speak for itself. They drilled, screwed, nailed, and torched to get the right arrangement.

This project was done in 3-D Art. We looked through a bunch of scrap wood in the art room and assembled them together to look like a face. It wasn't supposed to look like an exact face. It was to be random and somewhat odd looking. The thing I liked most about this project was all the possibilities you could have. The thing I disliked the most was hammering all the pieces together, because the wood would split all the time! Overall this was a decent project and I learned a lot! ~Heather

I like to work with my hands and I think I did a pretty good job. I torched some of the wood at home and brought it in for the class to use. It surprised me that some people don't know how to use tools. This wood sculpture is to resemble my brother Greg when he had his French like mustache. - Trevor

This project I think I did well on. I had some trouble with the nails breaking and the hammer wouldn't do what I wanted it to do at times. My favorite parts are the actual bark from the tree and the nose. - Kim A.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Portraits - Studio Art

This is the first oil pastel drawing that I did and I was kind of hesitant at first because I had never tried it before but it turned out to be pretty fun. I had fun with the blue shirt because I mixed lots of grays with it to show the wrinkles in the shirt. The faces were hard to do because the colors were so bright and I had to do a lot of mixing colors to get them to be more subtle. It is a picture of my cousins Cameron (in the green) and Aidan (in the blue).

Altered Book- Studio Art

Studio Art is an independent class. This is my second project and I chose to do an altered book. The book I altered is called Poor Jenny, Bright as a Penny. I based most of my pages on words from the book. On this page shown, there was a storm. There was a chestnut tree, gusty wind, storm clouds and much more. I also had a page with the word blood on it, so I splattered red paint on the page. This project was very creative and it got me to think outside of the box so to speak. There is so many possibilities for each page it is crazy! --Heather

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Grid Drawings - Art 1

For the grid drawing what we had to do was find a picture we saw and liked in a magazine. Once we cut that out we placed a clear grid on top. After that we had to draw the grid on our paper and transfer the picture. I decided to draw this eye. The most difficult part of this drawing was the eyelashes. In the end I love the outcome of my project. :] ~Jordyn V.