Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thiebaud Style Paintings - 7th Exploratory

Visually appealing arrangements of food and other consumer goods are subjects for paintings by American painter Wayne Thiebaud (TEE-bo). He would create compositions made of these repeating shapes including shadows and details of the subjects chosen.

Denver 7th graders chose their own subject matter and drew one master shape and then transfered those designs into rows and grids to immitate Thiebaud's style.

Right: James S.

Left: Bailey V.

Left: Joey R.

Right: Renae S.

Left: Nathan P.

Right: Miranda F.

Left: Nathan B.

"Even though you're working with everyday objects, your image doesn't have to be minor. These objects mean a lot to us." Wayne Thiebaud

Right: Jake S.

Left: Courtney M.
Ice Cream cones, a favorite summer treat!!

Right: Brayden S.
I would eat all of them!!!!!!!!!!

Left: Kyle T.
Its a pretzel palooza!

Right: Kenny J.

Left: Tanner S.

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