Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pointalism Painting - Art 1

This is my pointalism painting. this has been my favorite project so far this year. We had to find a picture and then use a sponge to recreate it. I enjoyed using the sponge to paint.-Jason
Right: Zach PW.

Left: Derek K.

Right: Austin H.

We used sponges for our pointalism projects. My inspiration for having a broken heart as the pupil of an eye was a picture i saw. I chose it, because i thought it was unique and different. In my picture though, i added another eye and eyelashes to make it look better. In the background i used a wide variety of colors. From purples and greens to yellows and reds. In the eyes i used blues, silvers, white, and greens. I really liked how mine turned out because you can tell what the broken heart is. This is my favorite project so far. :D -Micheala R.

For this project we used sponges to paint a picture.
It is called pointillism. For my picture I chose to draw blue roses. I made the background a lighter color and then choose to mix and blend the blues along with a light purple.
It was kind of difficult at some points but I finished. It was most difficult to mix the colors to the perfect shade. To the right is my picture of the blue roses finished. - Molly S.

This picture is of a mountain landscape. It was created by taking paint and dabbing it on the paper. It is one of my favorite works of art so far that I have made. The hardest part was getting the trees to look right, but I like the way they turned out. At first it looked bad but I made it look better by using shading. - John S.

This image shows a landscape of the dark forest. The colors show depth of the darkness in the water, trees, and rocks. I thought the project was very neat, but also difficult at times. I tried to make the sky as light as possible, but it all ran together. It reminded me of the times I have spent in the woods. The shadows were very difficult to bring out, but in the end, I enjoyed it very much. - Stefanie W.

This project is a lot of things. One of them is fun. I love to paint so I enjoyed this project very much. Another thing it was is hard. When you think of painting dots it doesn't sound too difficult, but it is. Mixing colors to find the perfect shade. Even thinking of what you want to paint. Anyway this was a great and fun project. I chose to paint a landscape with mountains, trees, a sunset, and a river. I hope you like it as much as I do. :) -- Jordyn V.

For this project we used sponges to paint dots. I painted a land scape of a forest. I really enjoyed painting but it was really hard to get the sky to look just right. My favorite part of my painting is all the trees. I really like my painting and I hope you enjoy it too.
Taylor D.

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