Monday, September 29, 2008

2 pt. Perspective - Drawing

This project we did a two point perspective piece. We used to vanishing points and always had to make the lines going to one of them or have a vertical line. We then colored them which was very fun! -Jason

In this project I used two point perspective with two vanishing points. We used black paper, colored pencils, and a ruler. I liked using the Berol colored pencils and enjoyed doing this project. - Jenna
This project I used two point perspective and two vanishing points.
This was my favorite project so far. It also was the first time I used the berol colored pencils. - Rachel

In this project I used two point perspective and we had two vanishing points. We had to use a ruler, colored pencils black paper and a regular pencil. This project has been my favorite so far. - Kimberly

In this project we had to draw objects in two point perspective. We used a ruler and colored pencils. It was a very fun project.- John

For this project we used two point perspective. We had two vanishing points, and we made whatever objects that we wanted. After we drew the objects we colored them with berol colored pencils. It was a good project. - Alex

For this project we drew two pt. perspectives of objects to a vanishing point. We used rulers and just made whatever objects we decided to.
We then got to add bright colors to make them pop out. I thought this was a very fun project and everyone should make one. It was also kind of hard to get the vanishing points correct though. Over all I thought it went pretty well:) - Molly

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