Thursday, August 28, 2008

Palettes Full of Inspiration - Art 1

Inspirational Palettes gave students the opportunity to show their individuality and use a variety of media to express themselves. They were posed questions to reflect upon, "What inspires you? How would you visualize yourself as an artist? How would you create images that portray imagination?" among others... The palettes below are created as an introduction to the use of mixed media and a way of allowing students to start the school year off with artwork showing their own individuality.

Left: Joe K.

In this project I used many inspiring words and colors in the background. Then I also put hearts and stars since those are a few things I love to doodle when I am bored. One other thing I did was put some cut outs from magazines. I enjoyed this project because I got to show my uniqueness as an artist. :] ~ Jordyn V.

I thought this was a cool project cause I got to draw what I wanted to draw. the skull was my favorite design on the pallet. - Danny L.

I created this piece after filling out a worksheet that asked for images and words that inspired me. I chose to use watercolors, crayons, and colored pencils to create this image palette. I chose to arrange the word 'inspiration' down the river and around the island to make it look like the river was actually flowing into the lake. I chose the graphics of grass for the island, tree to go on the island and a buffalo and a prairie dog to both go like they inhabited the area and as an additive to fill in the area. It was fun making it and how it turned out. - Luke M.
My palette is unique because it has a very long quote on it and it's colorful. I used all of the colors of the rainbow in the background and on the whole pallete. I like how it turned out. -Rachel R.

My palette is very colorful and creative. I liked this project a lot because it let me show my creativity in art. I didn't like drawing the first brainstorm sketches.. But it all came together in the end and I really liked the way it turned out! =)) --Britni N. :)

My name is Jalen, I loved this project, I just didn't like when we had to put random stuff all over the pallete. But I liked this project in the end!

BY John H>:>:> I did not know if I would like this art project... but when I drew it and colored it the art project turned out lovely.... :) JOHNNY H.

My finished palette is what I expected, it came out like I wanted it to. I just had trouble filling space. - Josie W.

My finished palette wasn't what I was expecting it to be, but I really like how it came out. It shows dreamy kind things that inspire me like, clouds, mountains, spirals, and rainbows. It shows how I see myself as an artist, which is colorful. I really like that my palette is bold and colorful on the outside of the cloud part. - Staci R.

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LOVE THESE, Ms. J! Please share the plan with me!